How You Can Use Innovative Technology To Better Keep In Touch With Employees & Customers


We all know that employees and customers are the key elements of any successful business. But as the standard workplace continues to evolve, with flexible work schedules, remote workers, and those that work more and more on the road, it can be hard to stay connected with all your employees while meeting the needs of your customers.

Not to mention that there are companies that have employees all over the world now. Staying connected with employees working in different time zones can be even more challenging.

It is no surprise that technology is more important than ever to stay connected and on top of what is going on in your business. Having the right technology for your business is key. Below are some examples of different technology solutions that can help you stay connected to your employees and customers. Which ever ones you choose to implement, make sure it makes sense for your business and your goals. It is great to implement all kinds of technology but only if you use it to its full potential.

Provide your field employees with smartphones

This solution may seem obvious, but there are still a lot of companies that don’t provide smartphones for their employees. From salespeople, to team members that work from several satellite offices, or employees located around the world, having a way to stay in touch and communicate with them is key. Smartphones can help employees stay productive and organized throughout their day. Besides having a way to reach your employees by phone or SMS, it makes it easy for them to respond to emails and take part in video conference calls too. The Apple iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy are two examples of smartphones you could offer to them. Most carriers will offer companies special business plans / rates and other discounts depending on how many employees require smartphones.

Use secure apps for encrypted communications

Whether you provide your employees with their own devices or allow them to use their own, security should always be at the forefront. There will be times when your staff needs to send sensitive documents to other team members and sometimes to clients. Email, is by definition, an unsecured communication method and should not be used for sensitive and personal information.

The good thing about smartphones is you can use secure apps that encrypts the data that you need to send. Plus, you can even go one step further and strengthen your security by using mobile identity solutions. Doing so ensures that only the employees that are authorized have access to certain apps and access to certain types of information.

Use a unified CRM system

CRM or Customer Relationship Management software is well-used in today’s modern business. And there’s one good reason for their usage. One can use them with a variety of platforms!

Unified CRM systems enable remote workers to see the same customer data as staff in your offices. They are responsive systems, meaning they work with both computers and mobile devices.

CRMs will help you to see the progress of your field workers and ensure any queries get resolved fast.

Install GPS tracking systems in vehicles

Does your business rely on its staff to meet with clients at specific times? Perhaps you run a courier firm that has to make timely deliveries? You might not realize it, but GPS tracking systems are popular with many organizations that have company vehicles.

They can also be integrated with desktop route planning software. That means someone in your office can direct your remote staff to the right destinations and help to ensure that they arrive on time.

Final thoughts

Technology is a brilliant way to help us lead more productive and efficient lives. It’s also useful for staying in touch with employees that don’t have traditional office jobs or hours. It is still a good idea to meet with everyone face to face when you can. Technology does not replace personal interaction.


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