Swiftpoint GT: The Best Travel Mouse Around!


At first glance the Swiftpoint GT mouse looks a bit odd compared to your normal computer mouse. It is very small and can fit in the palm of your hand. It measures 42.5mm across, 56mm long and 33.5mm high. But once you pick it up you will quickly learn that it is the most comfortable mouse that you have probably ever tried.

Holding the Swiftpoint GT mouse if intuitive. You hold it between your thumb and middle finger, with your pointer finger controlling the scrolling and clicking. It is very similar to holding a pen.

It comes in a nifty little travel case with its own mouse pad and charging dongle. Since it is so small and the functionality of this mouse is so good, it can be used directly on your laptop’s wrist rest, which ends up being a lot easier than using the built in trackpad. The Swiftpoint GT even comes with a sticky, reusable smaller mousepad for exactly that purpose.

The Swiftpoint GT mouse is wireless and it will need to be charged occasionally. I found that I could easily go approximately 2 weeks (with heavy, daily use) before having to charge it. If you are running out of charge a quick 30 second charge will provide you with an hour of use. That is great when travelling. The charging dongle also provides wireless connectivity (which is great for desktop use) otherwise you can connect via Bluetooth.

Setting up the Swiftpoint GT mouse is very quick and easy. You can use the included wireless dongle or follow the 2 step Bluetooth instructions. I had no problem setting it up via Bluetooth with my Chromebook nor with the dongle on my desktop at work.

This mouse is perfect for traveling. Since it is so small, it even fits in my purse. I brought it with me to Toronto for a conference and I loved having it there. I used the included mouse pad on the table and it worked like a charm; not only with my Chromebook but with my tablet and Bluetooth keyboard as well. I now bring my Swiftpoint GT mouse with me everywhere I go.

There is also another feature of the Swiftpoint GT mouse that adds to its functionality – if you turn over the mouse you will notice a little stylus nub slightly protruding beside the movement sensing laser. The stylus is there to mimic touchscreen gestures and scrolling. This took a bit longer to get used to at first (getting used to the right angle) but it is not complicated.  To use the stylus nub, you tilt the mouse to the right, and using the mousepad you can scroll, zoom and switch applications with ease. Using the stylus feels natural and the stylus nub rolls easily on the included mousepad.

I have been using the Swiftpoint GT mouse for approximately a month now and I cannot see myself going back to my old mouse. The ergonomic design allows me to use it for hours without any issues and it is the best wireless/Bluetooth mouse that I have ever used. I highly recommend it for people who travel frequently, laptop users and people who spend hours on a computer every day.  It is really great for tight spaces (like on a plane, at a conference, or meeting).



I could not find any negatives about the Swiftpoint GT mouse. It is strange looking but it in my opinion is the best mouse available – whether you are using it for a desktop or laptop, at work or on the go, the Swiftpoint GT mouse will provide hours of use, without fatigue.

Disclosure: HP products mentioned in this post were supplied by Swiftpoint.

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