The Biggest Workplace Trends for 2016 #Infographic


The workforce is ever evolving. Did you know that more than one in every four Millennials will become a manager by the end of this year? The reason for this is partially due to the fact that the Baby Boomers are beginning to approach retirement age. What is interesting in terms of the workforce is to see the interest in ‘Boomerang’ employees. These are employees who left a company but were accepted back at a later date. In fact, more than one in three companies say they are more accepting of ‘Boomerang’ employees and this is largely due to their familiarity with the company culture, their lesser training time and their ability to bring in a new perspective after returning from elsewhere.

In terms of the physicality of the workplace, one of the biggest trends is the fact that workspace per employee is decreasing. The average work space per employee is predicted to drop to 150 square feet. Another element that will have a strong physical presence is the rise of automated machines in the workplace. Take McDonald’s Europe as an example. The company has already installed 7,000 touch-screen computers that take food and beverage orders and track food items.

For more emerging trends that will dominate how we work and do business in the future, have a look at this infographic produced by the Brighton School of Business and Management.

The Biggest Workplace Trends for 2016

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Richard Madison is the Marketing Executive for the Brighton School of Business and Management which is based in the UK and offers business and entrepreneurial courses to a range of students. He regularly writes about topics that focus on business, management, leadership and workplace insights.

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