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Facebook, the social media giant, celebrates 12 years in business in 2016 which comes in the wake of the blockbuster financial results it delivered for 2015. This included a revenue of $17.93 billion dollars which was an increase of 44% year-over-year and a net income of $3.69 billion dollars.

These results are phenomenal when we think back to when Facebook announced its bid for its public offering in February of 2012. That was just four short years ago when Facebook was still simply a website with an associated app and many industry experts were questioning if the company could ever be profitable.

In 2016 it is no longer a single website with an associated app, but is now a whole eco-system. Within its eco-system it has 1.5 billion users of the core Facebook services, 900 million users of WhatsApp, 700 million users of Messenger, 700 million users of Groups and 400 million users of Instagram.

The acquisitions of Instagram and WhatsApp since Facebook’s IPO have both contributed to the rise of the tech juggernaut. Prior to the IPO, the key appointments of Silicon Valley industry leaders in a recruitment spree in 2007 and 2008 played a part in its continued and expansive growth, in addition to the continued motivations of Mark Zuckerberg. For more insights into how Facebook has evolved and its future plans, see the below infographic created by One Productions.


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Tom Hopkins is the Managing Director of One Productions an integrated communications agency, with headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. Tom is a Film and Video Director as well as an Art Director. He has 22 years’ experience working in the media and communications sector. Since 1991, he has worked in agencies and production companies in Dublin, Milan, London and San Francisco. Clients Tom has completed media work for include Pfizer, Guinness, Microsoft and Sony. His work has appeared on national television and at global film festivals, including the prestigious Venice film festival.



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