3 Quirky Business Marketing Techniques


Marketing can be a tough deal. As a business owner, you’re undoubtedly looking to convey your company to the masses in an interesting and unique way. It can be tough to stand out from the crowds, and it’s quite hard to find a fresh marketing stance that hasn’t been done before.

That being said, it’s imperative that you begin to think outside the box and flex those creative muscles. Fortunately, there are several rather quirky marketing techniques that you can easily try. And, while they’re not that common, they can provide unbelievable results.

This article will outline three fun, creative ways that you can market your business and see your brand reach a whole other level.

Urban marketing

It’s the age of the internet, and that means not enough marketing campaigns are truly reaching the public in a personable way. Grabbing people’s attention can be hard on the internet amidst all the noise, so why not give people something different to talk about?

Do some chalk writing and drawings on paths and walls (make sure to obtain all relevant permissions first), with directions to your business and your Twitter handle. Or, go all out and commission a mural to be decorated on the side of a local building.

There’s a reason why mysterious artists, like Banksy, have captivated the attention of the public. They are creative, different and perform all their marketing right in the publics’ eye. It’s such an unusual technique and that’s why it works.

Brochures, cards and leaflets

As previously mentioned, it is indeed the age of the internet and technology. Brochures, cards and leaflets are a dying breed, but they should not be. With a little creative flair, you can engage consumers in ways that no other marketing method can.

Going door to door and posting business cards through letterboxes is an extremely direct way to hit your audience. Or, a company like Alpha Card can supply you with an interesting foldable infographic. This is a brilliant little tool that can display all the information you want in a compact leaflet.


Most people love playing games. It brings with it a sense of reward, and if you can replicate this in your marketing campaign, you’re onto a winner.

Gamification ties elements of playing games (scoring points etc.) with your online marketing technique. Apps like Foursquare incorporate gamification into customer loyalty programs. An easy example would be to build a small flash game on your website, that can provide discounts for your products.

Once word gets out about this, you’ll soar. It’s an extremely unique way to run promotions, and not many companies use this method. This is the kind of thing that people share on Twitter and Facebook, and is essentially free for you to do.

So, with a little creative spirit and fresh thinking, you can up your marketing efforts in no time. Don’t fall into the business pitfalls so many others do. There’s an over-reliance on traditional marketing techniques, but it just doesn’t interest the consumer as much as it used to. Think outside the box, mold a quirky technique to your campaign, and you will be all set for some great results.

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