6 Genius Exhibition Stand Ideas That Might Just Attract The Right Audience [#Infographic]


6 Genius Exhibition Stand Ideas That Might Just Attract The Right Audience, Take It Personel-ly

I am sure you have been there before. You are attending an exhibition or trade show and as you walk around the stands, all you see are an array of leaflets, free sweets, and pens to take away. You may take them but only for the sake of it. These free giveaways rarely dazzle and linger in the mind. By contrast, they are easily forgotten because these are mundane everyday things. With thousands of marketing messages being thrown at attendees from every direction at trade shows they will block out the stuff that does not stand out. So, if your stand does not entice, engage, and stand out, it will fail to resonate with the audience.

In order to be remembered, you need to go that extra mile to think of something clever that no one else will be thinking of. A lot of this will depend on how effectively you design and build your stand. Choosing a supplier to deliver the stand you had in mind is an equally important stage in the process. One great vendor – Aspect Exhibition stands in the UK – is a great choice if you want an experienced team who sell, hire, design, and construct stands across the UK and Europe.

Here are some ways that you can get inventive when it comes to stand design and marketing activities. I have compiled a list of genius ideas to get you inspired:

  • Choose bright colours. If your branding incorporates effective colour usage, this will help dictate the colours you use for your stand. Whatever you choose however, it must be bright and aesthetically pleasing to capture people’s eyes. If you are using banners, screen or posters, they should all be bold and use high resolution pictures.
  • Keep it creative. Depending on your budget, you can experiment with lights, audio, aromas, and tastes. It’s good to try and engage all the senses, not just the eyes. Think about your new product or service offering and see how you can get creative with it in your stand. Keep text minimal as it needs to be visible from a distance but don’t go too overboard with the visuals either. Try and attain a good balance. If you want to achieve some daring designs, Aspect Exhibition stands in the UK will help deliver whatever you had in mind.
  • Try out a photo booth! Photo booths can be fun and bring people together. They are normally the central attraction at any wedding and party. So if you can link it to your brand or product somehow, why not let people express their creativity. You can also easily link this to social media by getting some photos posted to your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram feeds.
  • Keep the social going throughout the exhibition. Hosting a live Q&A session in person and on social media will help keep your audience engaged throughout. You can use keywords that target the right followers plus engage your existing fans. It’s a great way to keep the right target audience in the loop.
  • Host a competition or game. No matter how old we are, we all love a good game. Games that challenge us and get our minds ticking will always keep us coming back for more. Think of something at the exhibition and link it to your social networks. Make sure whatever you do is innovative as several companies use this technique.
  • Keep the coffee flowing. Visitors get tired walking around for a long time. A good cup of coffee will perk them up and hopefully get them interested in talking to you.

No matter what you choose, keep your target audience at the centre of everything you do and you won’t go wrong. If you are a technology based brand your audience will want to see some cool and funky gadgets at your stand. Maybe your business is in the culinary field; your customers will want their taste buds excited. As long as you put your audience first during the whole exhibition process, you will find them being drawn to your stand.

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