Stupid Marketing Mistakes You Want To Avoid


Stupid Marketing Mistakes You Want To Avoid - Take It Personel-ly

When you want to grow your business, you turn you marketing. And, why wouldn’t you turn to marketing? Over the course of the past several decades, there has been nothing as successful as turning a small or failing company into a success. However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t any dangers when it comes to marketing. In fact, there is quite a few that even some of the top businesses in the world make everyday.

Avoiding Self-Promotion

When you have a great service or product, you want the whole world to know about the service or product. Simply thinking that your creation will do all the work organically over time is narrow-minded. Okay, in the next couple of years your business might come into prominence. But, in that time you will miss out on vital opportunities to make money. Without money, you cannot grow and expand, so you are putting your business in danger.

Not Sharing The Wealth

Obviously, you want to avoid giving away trade secrets to the competition. The last thing any company wants is to steal a march on their competitors and then hand them back the advantage. However, this way of thinking can have a negative effect because it leads you to believe that you shouldn’t share any information. That is not a good idea because information is one of the most effective tools in your armoury. By helping out a business, you can soon turn them into a potential client. And, you don’t need any fancy marketing tricks. You just need to be polite!

Ignoring SEO

It is time to get one thing straight – search engine optimization is the real deal. And, because it is the real deal you need to treat it with respect. There are plenty of businesses in the industry that are still viewing SEO with contempt. While they are doing that, everyone around them is implementing it into their marketing strategy and making a killing. SEO techniques will increase the amount of traffic that your website gets on a daily basis, which you can then turn into sales.

Ignoring Social Media

One thing that every web marketing expert will agree on is that social media is also on the same level of SEO. If you are a small business especially, you need to use Facebook and Twitter to your advantage. With these sites at your disposal, you can reach a mass of people in a matter of minutes. And, you always have the ability to target new customers because almost everyone uses Facebook or Twitter. Alternative social media sites are also effective, such as LinkedIn. LinkedIn allows you to build a reputation and a relationship with your peers that you can use for future business purposes.

Going All New Age

Yes, marketing is becoming more advanced with every passing day. Still, that doesn’t mean that only new age techniques are effective. Never forget that a basic and seemingly outdated marketing method such as a business card can be just as effective than any of the above.

The key is to not get caught up in just one method of marketing. Try new methods and measure the results. Make adjustments and improve as you go. Multi faceted marketing increases you chances of being successful.

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