Top 10 Unhappiest Jobs


Most of us have to work in order to survive, and even though every job has moments where we feel tired or stressed, some jobs and career choices leave people unhappy more often than other jobs.

The following lists the top 10 unhappiest jobs, or the jobs that on average, report to have the biggest number of unhappy workers.

But don’t fret if your job is listed below – you may be one of the small percentage of happy people in that chosen field! If this list doesn’t spook you or if you want to get a job in any of these fields, check out various job board sites as most vacancies are posted on the Internet these days. Checking these types of sites is among one of the best ways to land your dream job. We all have unique talents and when they are put to good use it helps us to feel more satisfied and fulfilled at work.

Which jobs report to have the unhappiest workers? Take a look below…some may surprise you.

  1. Supervisor: Maintenance

Average Annual Salary: $52,000

Maintenance supervisors bottom our top 10 list, and we don’t quite know why, perhaps you have to be one to understand.

  1. Marketing Director

Average Annual Salary: $68,000

Marketing can be a really frustrating business, and when a company has to cut costs it is often the first department / area where cuts happen – poor marketing professionals.

  1. Sales Director:

Average Annual Salary: $91,000

Being a salesman is extremely stressful, so we can only assume leading a sales department might turn things up a notch. Another reason that sales directors may be unhappy is because more often than not they are promoted into these positions because they are great at selling. That does not always mean that they will be great at leading.

  1. Marketing Manager

Average Annual Salary: $64,000

Marketing strikes again. Today’s marketing departments have to tackle and stay on top of different trends and technologies, that it can be hard to keep up. This can lead to marketing managers being overworked, stressed and unhappy.

  1. Program Manager

Average Annual Salary: $94,000

It is shocking to see a position that pays so much having one of the highest unhappiness ratios – but that shows it isn’t all about money!

  1. Product Manager

Average Annual Salary: $81,000

If you think managing a product is easy, just try it. This complex and time-consuming job pays well, but people don’t usually think it’s worth it.

  1. Sales Engineer

Average Annual Salary: $71,000

If getting sales isn’t easy, then “engineering” them may be quite the job… puns aside, the median salary isn’t such a big deal, but it isn’t as bad as the next entry.

  1. Teacher

Average Annual Salary: $43,000

Teachers have a tough job and often don’t have adequate resources to perform at the levels they would like; overcrowded classrooms, outdated text books or teaching equipment, and an increasing lack of funds for extra activities can make for high levels of frustration.

  1. Nurse

Average Annual Salary: $60,000

Nurses tend to be underappreciated for all the work that they do and they work long hours. At least the average salary is not as low as the number one unhappiest job.

  1. Security Officer

Average Annual Salary: $29,000

These professionals risk their lives and work odd hours only to receive the smallest pay on the list? No wonder they are unhappy.


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