NYT Launches Recruiting Service T Jobs


Normally I don’t post about new recruiting sites or job boards but this one caught my eye. I was not asked to make this post nor am I being paid to do so. I was just so impressed with the New York Times T Jobs that I wanted to pass along this info to my readers as I thought it would be of value.

Company culture is one area that I am passionate about and who you hire has a direct result on your company culture.  Did you know that when you hire a new employee that you are affecting your company culture three years down the road? Hiring does not usually make an immediate impact on company culture…but accumulative hires do. When you are filling roles think about the company culture that you want three years from now. Be strategic and take the time to find the right people that will help your company reach its goals and the vision that you have in mind.

When I came across this new T Jobs I was immediately impressed with the overall package that the New York Times has to offer. It is great for businesses and job seekers.  You are using the strength of 162 years of solid service and experience to help  you find the job/employees that you want. Here is some information that I obtained directly from  NYT T Jobs to tell you a bit about it. Give it a try for yourself and let me know what you think.

NYT Launches Recruiting Service T Jobs

The New York Times recently launched T Jobs, a new talent acquisition solution on NYTimes.com that campaigns jobs over a network of more than 1,300 job sites, including local, niche and regional job boards, as well as aggregator sites and social networks.

What Makes T Jobs Different/Better Than Other Sites?

Because it is powered by RealMatch technology, T Jobs is engineered to produce superior job ad performance and deliver high quality candidates to recruiters.

The new service features RealMatch’s programmatic ad distribution technology that automatically campaigns job ads on TheJobNetwork to deliver more quality applicants in less time. The combination of The New York Times audience partnered with the vast reach across the TheJobNetwork allows T Jobs to better serve the needs of hiring managers.

What Led to this Change?

The increase in innovative technology options available and the need to double-down on recruitment offerings were factors that led to the addition of T Jobs.

“T Jobs is unprecedented in its ability to not only reach thousands of the most qualified candidates but also reach the highly skilled, well-informed and sophisticated readership that is available with The New York Times, NYT Advertising Senior Vice President Andy Wright said.

“I’m delighted to have The New York Times on the RealMatch platform. This alliance is confirmation that innovative technology is essential in today’s competitive online recruiting space. RealMatch’s mission is to deliver better performance across the board and we look forward to helping The New York Times grow its recruitment business locally and beyond,” RealMatch CEO Jonathan B. Bulkeley added.

How Will Recruiters, Businesses Benefit? 

For employers, job matching saves recruiters’ time by automatically grading and ranking applicants, instantly identifying qualified resume database matches and alerting them to apply.

For job seekers, the matching technology provides a superior user experience and increased engagement by delivering highly relevant jobs which they are both interested in and qualified for.


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