Guest Post: Mad About A Mistake At Work? Try This.

Guest Post: Mad About A Mistake At Work? Try This.

This week I have the pleasure of helping to promote the book Awakening Compassion At Work by Monica Worline and Jane Dutton. It is a definite must read for all organizations, leaders, managers and employees too!

Awakening Compassion At Work opens our eyes to the power of and importance of compassion in organizations and reveals caring as a competitive advantage that fuels innovation, service quality, adaptability, retention, and more.

The quiet power that elevates

Suffering in the workplace can rob us of humanity, dignity, and motivation. Often silent and left unaddressed, suffering is a costly drain on organization productivity and potential. Marshaling evidence from two decades of research with organizations in a variety of industries and sectors, scholars and consultants Monica Worline and Jane Dutton show us how small actions can have big effects. Offering a view of compassion that is grounded in the best of social science research and the new science of compassion, this book teaches four ways that anyone, regardless of position or role, can bring more compassion to their work lives.  Continue reading

Tips for creating a millennial-friendly workplace

Tips for creating a millennial-friendly workplace

Are you looking to attract millennials to your company? This generation is often misunderstood, and sometimes unfairly so, but they make excellent employees who are willing to give their all in their workplace and to contribute a high level of creativity. And given that they are digital natives and understand this language of the future, can your business afford not to do everything in its power to attract them to work for you?  Continue reading

Do You Need More Capacity? from @LeadersServe

Do You Need More Capacity? from @LeadersServe

One of my favorite leadership authors is back! I am excited to be participating this week in the launch of Leaders Made Here by Mark Miller. I love Mark’s work and this is no exception. Mark truly gets what it takes to be a great leader and create more leaders, not just followers. Mark’s work is easy to relate to as he uses storytelling to reinforce the messages and lessons that he wants you to learn. He is an author that I consistently recommend to others.

The following is a guest post from Mark Miller.

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Are Employee Training Courses Really Worth the Investment?

Are Employee Training Courses Really Worth the Investment?

Employee training courses can cost your company a good deal of money up front. This cash could be used for advertising or for putting a better product together. But, the benefits of employee training courses for career development are vast.

They provide innovative methods for employees to work with new strategies and products. They also contribute to an enhanced ability for employee efficiency. As a result, the company as a whole is more profitable. And most importantly, employees who receive trainings are more satisfied with their jobs. This gives the company a higher retention rate.

So, should your company invest in training courses for your employees? Read the benefits below to find out.

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Improve HR Efficiency by Eliminating These 7 Snags

Improve HR Efficiency by Eliminating These 7 Snags

HR departments have gotten a bad rap in recent years. Many workers, managers and journalists have arrived at the conclusion that HR no longer has a clear place in business. But that misconception won’t last much longer if more HR teams assert themselves as a key contributor to workplace efficiency.

Wanting to be more efficient and taking steps toward being more efficient are two different things. That’s why it’s time to stop talking about making changes and actually start making them.

A great place to start is to look at the snags that might hold back an otherwise effective HR team, and then take steps to eliminate those snags. Here are seven snags to avoid if you want to improve HR efficiency.

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Why Recruiting From The Inside Is The Best Thing You’ll Do For Your Business

Why Recruiting From The Inside Is The Best Thing You'll Do For Your Business

If you have been running your start-up business  for a while now, you probably understand the importance of having a few members of staff on your team. Running a business alone can be emotionally and physically exhausting – and while some people do enjoy having only themselves to rely on, it isn’t something that always works in the long term. Plus, hiring staff may cost money, but it is also the only way you will guarantee the eventual expansion of your business. If your business has grown wider than you ever thought it could, you may now find yourself in a position where you need to hire people for new roles that you have created within the business. For example, you may have realized that you need someone to act as your PA; or perhaps you need to take a back seat from sales and are therefore looking for someone to take on an executive role in this area. Whatever it is, you will need to go on some form of a recruitment drive. If you are struggling to know where to begin, why not look right under your nose, in your business itself? Here are just a few reasons why you should recruit and promote from inside the business itself.

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Making Your Way Into Marketing

Making Your Way Into Marketing

Marketing is a great career path for anyone that values creativity and wants to earn money from that creative energy. Every business needs to be marketed in order to attract new clientele and so the opportunities are endless. That said, marketing is a very competitive field, and to get your foot in the door, you need to market yourself for the role.

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