Gender and the Universal Model – Mastering Leadership

Gender and the Universal Model - Mastering Leadership

For most leaders today, complexity is outpacing their personal and collective development. Most leaders are in over their heads, whether they know it or not. The most successful organizations over time are the best led.  While this has always been true, today escalating global complexity puts leadership effectiveness at a premium.

This week I am participating in the book launch of Mastering Leadership.  This book is different because it involves developing the effectiveness of leaders—individually and collectively—and turning that leadership into a competitive advantage. The book lays out a roadmap for optimal leadership and features:

  • Breakthrough research that connects increased leadership effectiveness with enhanced business performance
  • The first fully integrated Universal Model of Leadership—one that integrates the best theory and research in the fields of Leadership and Organizational Development over the last half century
  • A free, online self-assessment of your leadership, using the Leadership Circle Profile, visibly outlining how you are currently leading and how to develop even greater effectiveness
  • The five stages in the evolution of leadership—Egocentric, Reactive, Creative, Integral, and Unitive—along with the organizational structures and cultures that develop at each of these stages
  • Six leadership practices for evolving your leadership capability at a faster pace
  • A map of your optimal path to greater leadership effectiveness
  • Case stories that facilitate pragmatic application of this Leadership Development System to your particular situation

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Which Areas Should Big Business Invest in Training & Development?

Which Areas Should Big Business Invest in Training & Development?

The pursuit of the perfect workforce is what drives most business owners. Some of the world’s corporate giants are now even embracing remote working as a means to eliminate location restrictions to finding talent. The skills shortage and the quest for the best employees has opened up a whole new world of recruiting and hiring strategies. With the option of teleworking talent can now be found around the world.  Almost every major corporation is now spending their time chasing the elusive ‘perfect’ worker. What could they be doing instead of chasing down talent that they may never find? They could invest in training and developing their own employees to meet whatever skills gap that they are lacking.

There was a time when training meant more than just an induction day. Companies would invest in young graduates, teach them the ways of the industry, and reap the rewards. Above all, that was a far cheaper method than simply plucking the best and brightest from the competition. What does training give you? The opportunity to mold an already creative and impressionable mind in your vision.

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Why Is Your Business Not Reaching Its Full Potential?

Why Is Your Business Not Reaching Its Full Potential? Take It Personel-ly

The world of business is an extremely fierce playing field, and you have to take every measure possible to make yours shine. Failure to do so will limit success. Even if the company is doing well, no owner wants to achieve anything less than maximum results.

Here are some of the most common issues that could be preventing your company from realizing its full potential, and some tips on how you can fix them.

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Why Employee Recognition is Important for Business Performance [#Infographic]

Why Employee Recognition is Important for Business Performance [Infographic], Take It Personel-ly

It is a scenario that has been played out hundreds of times, in offices, workshops and businesses across all sectors – employees have gone above and beyond in their duties in their line of work. In many cases, the future for a company may hang on the specific outcome of a certain project. Timeliness and quality are of the utmost importance. Employees like to feel valued and appreciated for what they do. When employees commit to working for a company, they like to feel like they are part of a team and family. A lot of the time, they spend more time with co-workers than they do with most other people in their lives. Recognizing the assistances employees make to a company helps solidify relationships, fosters employee engagement and loyalty to the business.

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7 Questions High Achieving Women Should Answer Before Accepting A Job Offer

7 Questions High Achieving Women Should Answer Before Accepting A Job Offer

Many women focus on performance, thinking that good work garners promotion. Too often, they’re left outside the circles of power and influence where decisions are made that affect their careers.

This week I am excited to participate in the launch of The Politics of Promotion by Bonnie Marcus. The Politics of Promotion provides a framework for breaking into those circles, and taking control of one’s own career path. Bonnie Marcus shows how to navigate office politics successfully, build and nurture key relationships, get comfortable with self-promotion, and avoid potentially disastrous blindsides.

The Politics of Promotion is for anyone who wants to take the next step in advancing their career. The following is a guest post from Bonnie Marcus.

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5 Types of Toxic Employees and How to Deal with Them [Infographic]

5 Types of Toxic Employees

Do you have toxic employees in your workplace? Recognize any of the descriptions below? Not dealing with toxic employees creates a bad workplace culture.

One bad apple is all it takes. A toxic employee is an enormous liability for your company writes Reuben Yonatan, CEO of GetVoIP in this post. Expensive, demoralizing, and infuriating, they can bring teamwork to a grinding halt, jeopardize goals, and generally make life worse for everybody else around them. How can you diagnose these troublemakers, and what can be done about them? The newest infographic from GetVoIP examines the types of toxic employees which could be derailing your business.

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Start Where You Are By @stacyfeiner

Business Management Talent Development Strategy

Creating the best workplaces possible for everyone is a hot topic button of mine, as we often spend more time at work, than we do with loved ones. It starts with creating a learning environment, where businesses develop and grow employees.  I am thrilled to be part of the buzz for Dr Stacy Reiner’s new book Talent Mindset.

The people you surround yourself with in your organization make or break your success. The individuals you hire, promote and entrust with critical information – the professionals you expect to execute your company mission – are your greatest competitive advantage, or the biggest drag.

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