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Cranberry Isles Fishermen’s Co-op Bookkeeper and Concession Manager Amy Palmer working in Islesford (of the Cranberry Isles), Maine, on July 10, 2018. Palmer said, the network system was so slow that she had to transfer data from her computer by reading it from the monitor and reentering it on a smart tablet (with broadband connectivity) to pay the fishermen for their haul. Now, she can rely on stable computer connections (more than 200/mbps) to transfer money and sell the products in their stores waterfront stores.Cranberry Isles are the islands of Great Cranberry, Islesford (Little Cranberry), Sutton, Baker and Bear. Buoys dot the surrounding waters where lobster fisherman haul their catch in the morning and afternoons. The communities on these islands are home to many of the fishermen. Cranberry Isles received a U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Development (RD) Community Connect Grant in the amount of $1,320,370. This is the first Community Connect Grant a Maine community has received in over a decade. Rural Development funds will be used to construct a combination fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) and fixed wireless system providing service to the unserved islands of Great Cranberry, Islesford (FTTP service) and Sutton (fixed wireless), Maine. Approximately 141 year-round residents will benefit from the funded system, though in the summer population increases to 1,260. The system will bring increased economic, educational, and health care opportunities to the island. Residents will be able to access a Community Center with Internet service for a period of at least two years. Islesford Artisans, operated by Katy Fernald, displays and sells art work from her family of Danny and Malcolm; and the community of more than 30 artisans on the island. The faster and reliable internet connection makes it easy to update and maintain their web site for online sales. A recent sell went to a buyer in England. Residents such as Dr. Ralph ‘Skip’ Stevens, can now can grade his university students’ work from home. In the past, especially in winter he would have to make his way through the snow to the island’s library “Neighborhood House” to do his work. For years the library had been then only high speed connection with a wifi router so people could be in or near the building and get connected. On February, 2018, Dr. Stevens can now stay at home to communicate with his students and grade their work. USDA Photo by Lance Cheung. Original public domain image from Flickr

Tips for Managing Customer Payments for Your Business

Advertisements In today’s society, consumers want to pay for the products they buy through a variety of methods. This includes online payments and in-person transactions. […]

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