The Map Is Not The Terrain

The Map Is Not The Terrain

Have you ever gotten lost while following your SatNav GPS?

I bet you were so intent on the turn by turn navigation and watching the map that you missed valuable street signs, landmarks, and other signals that would have let you know you were off course.

Here are some models that sent a lot of people and resources down the wrong path. Did you know;

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Coworker Conundrums

Coworker Conundrums

It’s pretty much a national pastime to complain about your job. Even if you’re pretty good at it and the job satisfaction is there, we can all think of something that gets on our nerves.

As humans, we bond more over something we can criticize than something we love. Probably the number one thing we complain about in our jobs is: our co-workers.

It sounds uncharitable, even antisocial, to say it but let’s be honest: unless you have the patience of a particularly easy-going saint, some people will rub you the wrong way. So how do we deal with that? It all depends on what irritates you about your co-workers…

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Cat Got Your Tongue? Improving Communication In Your Business

Cat Got Your Tongue? Improving Communication In Your Business

In today’s fast-paced and increasingly digitized world, it seems that everyone has a very short attention span, making it hard for business owners to get people’s attention and hold it. To ensure that people pay attention to your messages and respond to them, you always need to be on the lookout for ways to improve your internal and external communications. Here are a few handy tips for this…

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Why Your Growing Business Needs Better Phone Systems (What to Choose and Why)

Why Your Growing Business Needs Better Phone Systems (What to Choose and Why

Whether you’re a business leader looking for an improved phone system that’ll keep your company on the cutting edge, a human resources professional dealing with numerous complaints from employees about the company’s current outdated phone system or just someone interested in the latest technologies for business telecommunications, keep reading.

When it comes to technology, it’s especially important for a growing company to have better phone systems. Now is a great time to upgrade!

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The Grand Crisis Response Management Strategy: 5 Crucial, Time-Sensitive Steps that End All Crises

The Grand Crisis Response Management Strategy: 5 Crucial, Time-Sensitive Steps that End All Crises

My definition of a crisis is a people-stopping, show-stopping, product-stopping, reputationally redefining event that creates victims and/or explosive visibility. The operative word in this definition is the word victims. You can blow things up, burn things down, damage property and even create a lot of visible activity. But so long as you neither hurt, kill nor further endanger people, animals or living systems, the situation may be bad from a budget standpoint, but it is really not a crisis. It takes victims to make a crisis a crisis.

What is the most powerful response strategy to bring a crisis under control and to conclusion? While it generally requires some time to actually understand what is going on because all crises happen explosively, you can immediately implement a strategic five-step first response. I refer to this approach as The Golden Hour Strategy because the intention of this response approach is to launch all five steps within the first 60-120 minutes of the crisis incident, whatever the crisis happens to be.

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How To Embrace Technology In Your Business

How To Embrace Technology In Your Business

Did you know that computers double their performance and capacity every 12-18 months? Technology is expanding at an exponential rate, and the speed of growth is astonishing. If your business isn’t keeping up, it’ll soon get left behind. You need only look at companies like Blackberry, who were dominant but slowly lost traction and didn’t keep up in the smartphone market.

Failing to move with the times will be the ultimate death of your business. That means it’s your job to stay up to date, and implement the latest technologies. Tech solutions will improve productivity, and keep you competitive in the market. Today, we’re looking at just some of the available technologies that are becoming commonplace in the business world.

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Digital Natives – The Next Generation Of The Workforce

Digital Natives: The Next Generation of the Workforce, Take It Personel-ly

Who they are?

“Same, same but different”. That’s how Digital Natives describe themselves. They do not differ in what they do, but how they do it in comparison to previous generations. They grew up with digital technologies and integrated them into their lives from a very early age. They refer to the internet as THE supporting technology for their lives, and spend an extensive amount of time online. Johnson Controls Global Workplace Innovation’s Digital Natives survey* found that the majority of Digital Natives in each country spend between two to four hours per day online in each country (41 per cent of respondents in Germany – 30 per cent in China). Groups of heavier users with eight to ten hours online per day were also found. (10 per cent – 13 per cent of respondents.)

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