Why Is Creativity the Key to Success?


The relationship between creativity and success is intricate and sometimes difficult to understand. Many creative people never quite make it, while others seem to thrive in their chosen profession. 

While we certainly can’t claim that being creative is the only prerequisite to success, what we can see is that being creative unlocks previously unattainable aspects of success. Here’s why: 

It Makes You More Confident

Being creative makes you more confident. Once you’ve used your own mind to solve a problem, your self-assurance will grow. The more problems you master, the better you will feel about yourself. And without anxiety and self-doubt getting in the way, you will certainly become even more creative. 

It Makes You Promotable

60% of CEOs consider creativity the most important leadership quality. They have realized that being creative means you are inherently open to ideas, can think on your feet, and aren’t afraid to go through several bad iterations to get to a good one. 

Being creative will make you more employable and more likely to get promoted as your superiors start to realize your potential. 

It Makes You More Productive 

Being creative also makes you more productive because you are more open to innovation and, more importantly, genuinely interested in solving a problem. 

Creative people don’t shy away from challenges. They are ready to admit they may not have all the answers but that they are ready to look for them. They enjoy the process of problem-solving, and they will get more things done in their effort to get to the best possible solution. 

The creative process does not tire you out like boring, mundane work. You will find you’re able to tackle more as long as most of your tasks demand that you turn your creative mind on. 

It Helps You Adjust to the Unexpected

Creativity will help you adjust to new situations and tackle the unexpected. This is an amazing quality that can quickly lead to success in anything you choose to do. 

Most people will get nervous when something unexpected arises or when they’re faced with a new problem or challenge. This will slow them down. Typically, they will overthink the problem and spend a lot of time questioning their own skills and knowledge. 

Creative individuals, on the other hand, will jump right into solving the problem. They’ll relish the challenge that requires them to come up with a new plan. This attitude makes them better leaders and visionaries. 

It Improves Your Communication and Collaboration Skills

Creative individuals make great colleagues and leaders because they are easy to work with. They enjoy brainstorming and bouncing ideas around. Essentially, they know that the best solutions are born out of collaboration. 

They tend to be great listeners and will encourage others to voice even their silliest suggestions. That’s because they aren’t afraid to fail and are prepared to encourage others to do so freely as well. 

Creative people will never shut you down or hold a bad idea against you, which is why they foster great team and community spirit. They are often seen as reliable and friendly, both ready to take action and to listen to someone else meander towards their own creative solution.

How to Boost Your Creativity 

If you are now wondering what you can do to make yourself more creative, here are some suggestions to try.

  • Move your body. 

Movement often helps you work through creative roadblocks. Instead of focusing on solving a problem, go for a walk, clean your house, or dance around. As your body moves, so will your mind. 

  • Take a shower. 

Similarly, the mind will often unconsciously get the most creative. If you are stuck, jump in the shower, and you might just walk out with a great idea. 

  • Play mind games. 

To keep your mind sharp, play word or mind games on an everyday basis. Scrabble and Words With Friends will both get your mind working and keep the creativity flowing. If you are stuck, use a word unscrambler to help you out. It’s a great way to expand your vocabulary too. 

  • Use a pen and paper. 

Instead of typing your ideas, use pen and paper to write them down. The activity itself will help you think better, and reviewing your notes on paper is also better for your creativity than staring at a screen. 

  • Give it time. 

When you’re really stuck and can’t seem to think of anything, just give it a rest. The less you force your mind, the better, as it will feel its most creative when left alone to play.

Wrapping Up 

Don’t be afraid of your creativity, and use it as often as you can. Don’t forget that you will need to fail before you come up with an amazing idea. But that’s just a part of the natural process — embrace it.

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