How To Get Your Travel Business off the Ground


If you love to travel, then consider turning your passion into a profitable business venture. Before you begin, though, you should plan carefully and make sure that your set-up is just right so that your new business can succeed. Try a few of the following ideas to get you started.

Find Your Niche

Your first step is to find your niche in the travel world. Perhaps you’ve got a knack for finding great deals and putting together excellent vacation packages. In that case, you’d be a great travel agent. Or maybe you’re an excellent writer who can bring your own travel experiences to life. If so, monetize your blog, and/or work as a travel writer. There are plenty of possibilities, so find one (or even two) that fits well with your talents and interests.

Make a Plan

Before you start any business, you will need to make a plan. At the very least, you should jot down what you intend to do and how you intend to do it. Better yet, though, create a business plan that lays out your company’s purpose, tasks, products or services, budget, marketing, goals and business metrics and data collection methods. This will be the foundational document that will guide your endeavor, so make sure it’s thorough.

Set Your Budget 

Of course, you will also have to pay close attention to your finances and set a solid budget right from the start. If your business is a small one without much overhead, you may be able to fund it yourself by dipping into your savings. Otherwise, you may have to research the possibility of a small business loan. Before you do, make a list of all your start-up costs and projected expenses. Then do your best to estimate your initial income. This will help you set prices and determine how much you can spend and how much you may need to borrow.

Gear Up Your Marketing

Your business is going to need customers, so you should start marketing as soon as you make a final decision about your opening date. Set up a website for your company with basic information about your products or services and contact details. It doesn’t have to be fancy at first; you can always add more later. Just get your name and offerings out on the web and into search engines.

Social media sites can help with this, too. Create accounts for your business across several platforms, and update them regularly with the latest news. Ask your friends and family member to like and share your pages so that they can spread widely, and be sure to respond promptly to any comments or questions.

Even if your focus is primarily online marketing at first, don’t neglect more traditional ways to spread the word about your business. Ads in newspapers or travel magazines can help, and the recommendations of your first happy customers will be a perfect addition.

Do Some Studying

Finally, if all of this seems horribly overwhelming to you and you feel like your business knowledge is next to nothing, then do some studying before you start your company. This might be as simple as reading online to fill in gaps in your knowledge base. You might also take a couple informal business classes (also available online) or sign up for a small business seminar or a basic business class at your local community college. You’ll learn plenty and gain confidence along the way.

Your love of travel could certainly turn into a satisfying and profitable business if you take the time to plan well and learn as much as you can. You might even be able to fund your next travel adventure with your profits.

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