How To Shop For Cannabis Safely And Legally: A Simple 2023 Guide


Shopping for cannabis can be an intimidating process, especially with all the options out there. With states across the country legalizing and decriminalizing different forms of cannabis use, it’s no surprise that more and more people are turning to virtual storefronts such as and the like. However, navigating this complex terrain is tricky — how do you know which online store is legitimate? In this article, we’ll explore how to make sure you’re shopping from a safe and legal source.

What Is Cannabis Exactly?

Before we start choosing a suitable store, let us clarify what cannabis is because this is important for understanding its legal status. In a nutshell, cannabis is a group of plants that have a long history of use. Historically, the plant has been used for medicinal purposes and even for spiritual rituals. It is also a popular recreational product and a substance that has been known to alter one’s mental state in several different ways.

The term “cannabis” refers to a genus of the plant, which includes various species such as hemp and marijuana. They both contain cannabinoids such as CBD and THC. Because hemp contains lower levels of THC than marijuana, it does not produce the “high” effect.

Can You Legally Buy And Use Cannabis?

Cannabis can be legally purchased in all 50 states in the form of hemp-based products. The regulations related to marijuana are much tougher and should be specified for each state. Residents of Ohio, for instance, are only permitted to use marijuana for medical reasons and can only buy it with a marijuana card. The best way to get a medical marijuana card in Ohio is to speak with a qualified doctor and undergo an examination. Hemp, in turn, is legal at the federal level and so most stores you come across online sell hemp-based products (not marijuana-based ones).

7 Strategy Tips For Choosing a Trustworthy Online Store

Navigating the world of online shopping for hemp products can be difficult and confusing. With such a wide variety of stores to choose from, it’s important to pay attention to key elements that help to identify trustworthy vendors. Here are seven strategy tips for finding an online store you can trust.

Strategy tip #1: Take a look at reviews from past customers

To make sure that you’re getting the quality your money is worth, taking a look at reviews from past customers can tell you a lot. It’s important to do your research before purchasing from any online store, so don’t hesitate to take a look at what other people had to say about the items they purchased, their customer service experience, and the whole shopping process. This can help to narrow down the options for trustworthy places to shop for high-quality hemp products.

Strategy tip #2: Check out third-party certification standards

To ensure the quality, safety, and legality of their products, take a look at third-party certifications such as the U.S. Hemp Authority seal of approval. Just looking out for this seal on an online store or particular product can provide peace of mind when shopping for hemp. You’ll thus know that rigorous standards have been met and you can shop with confidence.

Strategy tip #3: Verify all ingredients used in products

To make sure you’re getting what you pay for, take the time to do your research before ordering from an online store. Good manufacturers use natural ingredients, and their products have been tested by a qualified independent third-party lab. Most stores will list the active ingredients on product labels, so take a few minutes to double-check what you’re buying and compare with other sites if need be. If an online store does not provide information about its product ingredients, or your search returns what seems like false or unconvincing claims, it’s probably best to stay away and look for another option instead.

Strategy #4: Consider shipping times

When searching for your ideal e-commerce site for hemp shopping, one important thing to consider is shipping times. Different stores have different delivery policies and checking how fast they can deliver your items can save you a lot of hassle in the long run. If you need something within a certain timeframe, make sure you double-check exactly what their delivery promises are before clicking checkout!

Strategy tip #5: Ensure there is contact and return information available

Without seeing the product in person, it can be hard to know what you’re getting. Ensuring there is contact and return information available is a must before committing to any purchase. And again, it is very helpful to look at customer reviews and overall website reputation so that you know your money won’t go to waste.

Strategy tip #6: Make sure customer service availability is good

A reliable online store should have various avenues of customer support such as email, phone numbers, and even live chat on their website. Always check the FAQs and reviews of customers who’ve dealt with the store before for a better understanding. Having easy access to customer support ensures that any issues you may have or questions about your purchase can be addressed swiftly.

Strategy tip #7: Research prices among different vendors

Finally, prices can often vary from vendor to vendor and even from item to item. That’s why it’s important to compare offerings among different online stores before deciding which one to shop with.

Doing your due diligence will ultimately provide peace of mind knowing you’ve got the right store for your hemp product needs!

Final Thoughts

With the rapid increase in hemp products entering the market, it is important to remember that while they may appear to be harmless, these supplements and oils are not just “food” and require a touch more caution. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to discuss any hemp-based product you plan on using with your healthcare provider beforehand. They will inform you of any potential risks or interactions with other substances, along with providing additional advice related to dosage levels if necessary.

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