12 Small Employee Benefits That Go a Long Way


Competitive companies are constantly looking to gain the upper hand and retain exceptional employees. There are many examples of big and extravagant benefits packages, but the little touches can make a difference. Attention to detail matters in work projects and employee job satisfaction. Think about the following small benefits that can go a long way for employee hiring and retention. 

1. Free Snacks and Beverages

Access to healthy refreshments is good for employee morale and energy levels. Place a countertop water filtration system in the break room for people to refill their water bottles throughout the day. An electric tea kettle and single-cup coffee maker enable employees to grab a hot drink within a few minutes. Fill a snack cupboard or place a custom vending machine in the hallway.  

2. Relaxed Dress Code

Casual Fridays are popular for a reason. A relaxed dress code allows employees to feel comfortable and express their authentic style. Making room for authentic living and creativity can lead to stronger connections in the workplace. Let employees focus on their projects rather than meeting an arbitrary outfit standard. This also communicates a level of trust and respect from leaders.

3. Office Pets Day

Welcome trained pets to the office for a day. Depending on employee comfort levels and allergies, you may want to allow pets into the office regularly. Having dogs sleep under desks or getting belly rubs during breaks can boost their humans’ positive feelings.

4. Family Picnic

Organize an annual employee and family picnic during a warm season. Small businesses can enjoy low-cost potlucks and larger organizations can hire crowd-pleasing caterers. Such an event encourages casual conversations and builds a sense of personal investment. 

5. Wellness Workshops 

Invite yoga, meditation, and art experts to host company wellness workshops onsite. Spending an hour or two on wellness at the office can encourage healthier lifestyles overall. Bring in local providers and consider how your space can host active or crafty workshops.

6. Free Nutrition Consult

A nutrition consult can help employees plan their meals and support their fitness goals. Free health expert advice tells employees that their wellness matters.

7. Workout Clubs 

Company workout clubs can focus on walking, running, pilates, HIIT, and other activities. Ask fitness enthusiasts on your staff to host workout clubs before or after the workday. HIIT workouts are awesome for fitting in lunch-hour workouts, too. 

8. Flu Shot Day

Make flu shots available to your employees through an onsite service. Send out reminders about the day for several weeks before the event and consider other items on the company calendar. Flu shots can protect the individual and the company as a whole. This saves your employees’ time and enables them to use their free time for more enjoyable activities. 

9. Free Event Passes

Partner with local venues or promoters to secure free or discounted access to events for your employees. Make it easier for your employees to secure popular tickets and attend fun events in groups. 

10. Mentorship Program

Foster lucrative professional connections and growth through a company mentorship program. Pair established, successful employees with young entry-level hires. A mentorship program allows mentees to receive valuable career guidance and encourages mentors to exercise leadership skills. 

11. Sensory Room

A sensory room or quiet corner eases office stress during big projects. Set aside a space with soft lighting and comfortable seating where employees can close a door during their break. A designated quiet space for decompressing or taking a brief nap is especially important for open-plan offices. Some employees need sensory breaks to feel safe and do their best work. 

12. Community Service Days

Engage employees in community service efforts regularly. Your company can work together on senior meal deliveries, community center building projects, coat drives, and other beneficial efforts.  

Focus on small benefits that can have lasting positive impacts on employee happiness.  

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