Game-Changers for a Better Life


Do you ever consider a few realistic tactics that could improve your life? It’s about more than transforming every habit, practice, routine, and relationship. Instead, adults can improve themselves in a more subtle but powerful way. Sometimes, it’s best to focus on just one aspect of your routine and make a simple, direct change. The intriguing part of the process is that everyone is different, so there’s no magic bullet approach or one-size-fits-all solution.

For millions of working adults, the pertinent game-changer is investing in real estate, while others find it more important to deal with the pernicious challenge of everyday stress. In addition to those two techniques, adults can build a more rewarding lifestyle by returning to school and earning a college degree, joining a volunteer staff at a local community center, or doing something as simple as taking up an exciting hobby. Consider the following options, all of which have the potential to transform your daily routine and enhance the joy of life.

Investing in Real Estate

Every year, a new crop of investors discovers the benefits of owning real estate for long-term profits. A recent development in the industry is the rising popularity of rental properties as a way to generate regular income, appreciation, and tax breaks. Those who become landlords are meticulous about evaluating opportunities before putting their money on the line. Many prospective real estate owners invest using the 1% rule, a quick math formula that helps buyers decide whether a property is priced right.

The two primary ways to evaluate real estate are potential rental income and appreciation of value. Generally, it’s relatively simple to measure expected appreciation, but rental income can take a lot of work to pin down. That’s where the one-percent rule comes into play. The expected monthly rental payment should be equal to or greater than the property’s market price. That’s a short version of the rule, but it’s better to review it in detail to understand when to employ it and when it doesn’t pertain to a given sale.

Learning to Deal with Stress

There are dozens of highly effective ways to minimize the stress in your life. A few that have delivered solid results for people over the years include daily meditation, taking hot baths, walking, taking up a hobby, getting enough sleep, avoiding foods and drinks that cause the jitters, reading, doing yoga, and exercising regularly.

Getting a College Education

For many working adults, a college degree is a way to get a better job and develop a sense of personal pride. In the modern era, traditional skills and non-technical subjects don’t have the social status they once did. But, a four-year degree and a diploma from an accredited institute of higher education can supercharge a career and give people a solid base of self-esteem.


It’s common for working adults to be quite surprised at how transformative it can be to volunteer in their communities. You can browse online for volunteer opportunities and ideas or check with your local library for a list of nearby opportunities. You can do things in person or online, including tutoring, advising small business owners, teaching a class, or orienting immigrants to the local area.

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