Show Your Employees Appreciation: 5 Gift Ideas for Them


Employees are often underappreciated and overworked, so making them feel special is important. Whether they deserve a day off to enjoy their birthday or just a pat on the back for their efforts at work, here are five gift ideas that will make your employees feel appreciated and honored.

Small, Thoughtful Gifts

Smaller gifts are more thoughtful than a big heartfelt cry. According to the American Psychological Association, sending little gestures of appreciation makes people feel valued and appreciated. Even if you don’t have much money, there are always simple ways to show appreciation for your employees. Bring them dinner or buy them flowers. Or plan a trip to a local restaurant and treat each person to dinner without asking for their “permission.”

Corporate Gift Boxes

If your business is getting big, you should upgrade your office supplies or start holding meetings in other locations. To show appreciation, you should give a small gift box with a t-shirt or small greeting card inside. This will be a great way to remind everyone they are valued and appreciated. Corporate gift boxes are one of the best ways to appreciate your employees for their work. You can even have a theme for your corporate gift box.

Timed Vacation

If your employee is truly dedicated, they could work every holiday with no time off. However, offering a timed vacation is a way to show appreciation while getting some work done. Although they can still work when they’re gone (with permission), it’s important to remind your employees that they deserve some time off in the form of a vacation. Another option is to offer a sick day. If your employee is sick, that doesn’t mean you can’t show them appreciation by giving them some time off. Of course, you’ll want to make up the days later on.

Gift Cards

Show your appreciation with gift cards! Don’t just throw them in a card and hope they’ll be redeemed.  Make sure to write a personal message on the back of each gift card and assign it a budget. It’s important to make sure that your employees have a way of getting the gift cards they deserve. Put them in an envelope and attach a note inside, so they can easily redeem them.

Offer Continued Educational Opportunities

Most employees are passionate about their work and would do anything to get ahead. Offer your employees an opportunity to attend seminars or classes. It is one of the best ways to show that you care and a way for them to learn new things in the process.

If you want your employees to feel appreciated, there are plenty of ways to do it. From small gestures of appreciation to themed gift boxes with thoughtful messages, your employees will feel valued and appreciated. Above all else, it’s important to remind them that they are worth something to their company.

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