5 Amazing Fundraiser Activities


If you’re hosting a fundraiser, it’s important to plan activities that will keep attendees engaged and turn a profit for your organization. Here are five amazing fundraiser activities you can use to ensure your next event will be a success.

Have a Silent Auction

Fundraiser attendees won’t mind placing high bids on items when the money is going to an honorable cause. You can ask local businesses to donate items like jewelry, gift baskets, flowers, clothes, and gift cards to auction off at your event. In exchange, the local business will be seen by all the attendees and recognized as charitable.

Hire Exciting Entertainment

Your fundraiser needs entertainment to keep people engaged. You may want to hire an MC or DJ to make announcements, give introductions, and play music throughout your event. You can also bring in an entertainment company like All Wheel Sports Productions to put on a show as the central portion of the fundraiser. A silent venue without any background noise will be boring and tiresome, but music and excitement will keep the cash flowing.

Sell Raffle Tickets

Doing a 50/50 raffle is the easiest way to raise money for your organization. You can ask volunteers to walk around the venue and sell tickets to attendees. For just a few dollars, each person who purchases a ticket will have the chance to take home half of the money pot. A buck or two per person adds up quickly, and more often than not, the winner will donate their share back to your cause.

Invite an Inspirational Speaker

You don’t have to bring in Tony Robbins to inspire your crowd. If you want to motivate people to donate, you should find someone who will be directly impacted by those donations. For example, a person whose life was saved by a first responder would be an excellent inspirational speaker at a fundraiser for firefighters and paramedics.

Create a Contest

One of the most interesting ways to fundraise is to come up with a contest and charge people to enter. Karaoke, pie-eating, costumes, relay races, bake-offs, cook-offs, and trivia are just a few of the types of contests you could use for your fundraiser. Think outside the box and have fun to create a competition everyone wants to be in.

No matter what good cause your organization is fundraising for, you can use these fun ideas to put on an event that will inspire your donors to keep giving.

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