What B.A.S Is and the Ways It Can Benefit Your Business


Managers of commercial and industrial properties around the world are increasingly choosing to install building automation systems to make their jobs easier and more efficient. These systems are part of a technology trend intended to deliver smart solutions to business owners and property managers; the goal is to design a platform that integrates and consolidates various functions such as climate control, lighting, security, and others. The benefits of B.A.S can be narrowed down to the following:

Making Things Easier

While this is not the most important benefit of B.A.S, it is the one that facilities management specialists often mention as having convinced them that installation was worth their time and money. With the right system in place, a property manager is able to attain granular control of several aspects of their operations. Decisions can be made and the right actions can be taken almost instantly thanks to the dynamic features of even the most rudimentary B.A.S solution.

Increased Energy Efficiency

The best way to reduce utility costs, which everyone knows are higher for commercial and industrial enterprises, is to let B.A.S work their magic. In the case of heating and air conditioning (HVAC), property managers can easily access real-time monitoring reports on crucial aspects of management such as real occupancy. Based on these reports, the flow of cooling or heating can be properly adjusted in order to maximize HVAC efficiency. This benefit has the added advantage of prolonging the lifespan of expensive equipment such as compressors and boilers.

Centralizing Building Controls

A modern building automation system includes a control hub that lets property managers connect everything from HVAC to lightning and from security cameras to smoke alarms. Depending on how the system is configured, the B.A.S hub can provide one-touch controls to manage who can access specific sections of facilities. This centralization not only makes things easier but also more secure because the hub can be operated by trusted staff members.

Lower Property and Liability Insurance Premiums

When B.A.S solutions are installed and set up to control security and fire suppression systems, business owners get the benefit of being considered safer clients by providers of commercial insurance policies. What this means as a bottom line item is that a B.A.S can effectively result in lower insurance premiums. In some major European cities, insurance companies will only extend policies to buildings that have installed automation systems.

As a facilities manager, installing B.A.S solutions should be one of your priorities for 2022. It is important to note that the benefits listed herein are just the tip of the iceberg; once you start evaluating automation systems on the market these days, you will realize how crucial they are in terms of efficiency.

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