Tips for Saving Money While Traveling for Business


Traveling can get expensive, and when that travel is something you must do for work, it is impossible to put it off. That does not mean you have to spend exorbitant amounts to have a professional and productive trip. There are plenty of ways you can save on a business trip that won’t result in feeling miserable. Consider these tips for saving money when traveling for work.

Ask Hotels for Special Rates

For many business travelers, a hotel room is the single largest expense of any trip. However, there are some ways to save when booking directly. For example, many hotels offer special corporate rates for business travelers. Additionally, if you are attending a conference or trade event, the arranged group rate may be better than anything you can find on your own. Either way, there is no harm in calling area hotels to ask when you are booking accommodations.

Transport Supplies Yourself

Shipping supplies, especially for large events like trade shows, can get very expensive. Plus, you’ll need to have them delivered at precisely the right time to avoid storage fees. One way to combat these costs is to transport the supplies yourself. If your personal or company car cannot accommodate everything, consider using a truck rental agency to give yourself more cargo capacity.

Combine Work and Family Travel

If your family is able to join you, combining a family and work trip can save a significant amount of money. You’ll absorb some of the hotel costs, plus your travel expenses back and forth. If you drive, the cost of gas, parking and tolls might be covered, making it an especially attractive option.

This is not an option for everyone, but it can work in some situations. For example, if you will only be tied up in meetings for a short tome each day. Couples traveling without children can often make this work as your partner may be able to work remotely from the hotel or find something to occupy himself while you are busy.

Limit Personal Luggage

One of the main ways airlines have continued to cut corners is by limiting free luggage. Most carriers now charge for any checked bags, which can add hundreds of dollars to your ticket price. Unfortunately, most business wear cannot be rolled and shoved inside a carry-on, which means you’ll likely have at least one bag. Try to limit yourself to that one to keep costs down. It may also be worth investing in a slightly more expensive ticket if the price includes your first checked bag.

Establish Accounts With Hotels and Airlines

Virtually every hotel and airline has a customer loyalty program. There are several benefits to regularly using these when traveling for work. First, they often provide access to lower member-only rates that can save you on room costs. You may also be eligible for upgrades or free extras like breakfast or the in-house evening happy hour. Do some research on which hotels have the best loyalty programs and whether they are an option where you travel most frequently.

You will generally need to use the same brand group for most of your travel in order to make the most of these programs. If you tend to jump around between brands, you may be better off establishing an account with a discount site that can let you shop around more. In some cases, you will save even more by booking a room through a home-rental company instead.

Business travel can get expensive fast. Limiting luggage, combining trips, and transporting your own supplies are just a few of the measures that can help you save while traveling for work.

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