6 Gifts to Get Your Work Colleagues This Christmas


Buying Christmas gifts for your colleagues can be difficult, especially if you’re not very close with them on a personal level. You might be unsure of the things that they enjoy and this can make it hard to come up with unique holiday gifts.

But with a little bit of care and thought, you can find the perfect presents for all of your co-workers. You can show your appreciation for their hard work and company in the office.

Top Holiday Gift Ideas for Work Colleagues 

Giving gifts over the holiday period is a great way to connect on a deeper level with your long-term and new colleagues. You don’t need to buy expensive and extravagant gifts that cost you hundreds of dollars in total. Small, simple gifts can go a long way!

Below, we’ve created a workplace gift guide. Keep reading to read about six amazing corporate holiday gifts to give to your work colleagues this Christmas.

  1. Mug Warmer 

For the colleagues who are always forgetting about their hot drinks, a mug warmer is the perfect gift. Instead of their drink going cold because they’ve been distracted by their work, they can sip on a steaming hot drink for several hours.

  1. Keyring 

You can’t go wrong with keyrings when it comes to Christmas gifts. They’re cheap and cheerful, and most people use them for their car keys or house keys.

You can get keyrings with a range of designs and styles, so find different ones for each colleague based on their interests.

  1. Travel Mug

For colleagues who travel a long distance to get to work, a travel mug will be much appreciated. They can make a coffee or tea in the morning and enjoy it while traveling to the office.

Travel mugs are affordable and easy to find. Most stores offer at least one or two different styles for you to choose from.

  1. Chocolate Tray

Chocolate is a safe option for holiday gifts. Consider getting your colleagues a tray of chocolate or truffles that they can share with their families. If it’s easier, you could get a single tray of chocolates for everybody to share in the office.

  1. Diary

Get your co-workers a diary each so that they can plan their workdays more easily. Diaries and journals can be found in any stationery shop and are often available from online gift stores too.

You can either get weekly diaries or those that break down each individual day of the year. The latter is usually more expensive but is often a more useful option for those who have several important work tasks during the week.

  1. Mini Succulents

Your colleagues can add some greenery to their work desks with a set of mini succulents. You can purchase fake plants or buy the real deal for less than $10 and they’re a cute and thoughtful gift that most people will appreciate.

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