How To Become More Productive at the Office


If you’re swamped with work but feel like your productivity is dropping, then you need to make a few changes. Read on for five ideas that can help you become more productive at the office.

Develop Healthy Habits

Perhaps your productivity is dropping because you’re feeling sluggish. If you’re yawning and your energy is constantly on the low end, then it’s going to be difficult to get things done. In that case, you should start developing a few healthy habits to give yourself a boost. First, make better food choices. You might think that the sugar and calories in junk food will get you going, but really, they will just make you crash later on. Instead, build your meals around fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins, and choose snacks that will keep your energy up all day long. You might throw in an energy drink now and then for an extra boost, too.

Also, don’t neglect exercise. Even if you’re super busy, set aside a half hour every day to get your body moving. Take a walk or a bike ride, or try an aerobic dance. Just get into a routine. Then fill the rest of your day with spurts of activity as well. Jog in place for a couple of minutes every hour or so, and take the stairs instead of the elevator. Your energy levels will rise.

Get Organized

Another way to become more productive at the office is to get organized. How much time do you currently waste trying to find things? If you answer “a lot,” then make an effort to put your files and supplies in order. Set up a logical filing system for both your paper and electronic documents, and bring in some shelves for your supplies. Label everything clearly so that you can see exactly what you have at a glance and quickly and easily grab what you need.

Minimize Distractions

Distractions are always going to happen, of course, but you can raise your productivity if you work to minimize them. First, turn off your personal cell phone, or at least turn off the ringer and keep it tucked away out of sight. You’ll be less likely to check it, but it’ll still be close in case of emergencies. Next, resist the urge to surf the web while you work. Even a quick peak can lead to several minutes of looking and reading almost before you know it. Give yourself a break every hour or so to check out your favorite sites, but otherwise, keep your mind on your work.


If you have an assistant or employees working for you, then learn how to delegate to increase productivity. Your to-do list is probably packed full, and there are likely many days when you simply don’t finish everything on it. Assign some of those tasks to others. Start small if you like by asking someone to help you with data entry or to verify a few appointments. You’ll find that if you spread the work around a bit (without overwhelming anyone, of course), your long to-do list will soon be filled with check marks.

Keep Learning

Finally, to raise your productivity, keep learning. Study best business practices, for instance, to discover faster ways to accomplish everyday tasks. Learn about software programs that can minimize your efforts in accounting, sales or marketing. Network with other business owners to find out what works for them. You might even take a few classes to brush up on your skills. You could discover a few tricks that will make you more productive.

You have a lot of work on your plate, so you need to be as productive as possible. Try some of these ideas to give your productivity a boost.

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