5 Simple Steps to Master Direct Mail Marketing


What is direct mail marketing?

Direct mail marketing is one of the oldest forms of marketing. Its longevity is due to its capabilities and cost-effectiveness. 

90% of direct mail marketing gets opened, compared to only 20-30% of emails.

Direct mail marketing is a tactile form of marketing such as an infinity card or z card which many businesses use to improve their campaign’s return on investment.

If businesses can get their direct mail strategy and goals mastered, then the marketing results can be phenomenal.

We have put together 5 simple steps to get you closer to mastering your direct mail marketing campaigns…

  1. Define a target audience

Direct mail has many benefits with one of the main ones being that direct mail campaigns are targeted. This means that the campaign is sent to a smaller group of prospects who are more likely to respond. No one is more important to your business than your target audience and delivering to their specific needs and interests. Having a defined target audience will improve your direct mail strategy, as the audience can be segmented geographically, demographically, and psychographically to offer tailored and specific campaigns. 

  1. Set SMART targets

Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound targets will allow you to easily monitor the success of your direct mail campaigns. SMART targets will also help a team to agree on the success of a campaign and have a deeper understanding of expectations and how they can help the business to reach its campaign targets. 

  1. Effective copy – hook, line & sinker

As people spend more time engaging with physical direct mail, they are more likely to sink in the information written on the campaigns. This is the perfect time to create some strong and enticing call-to-actions (CTA’s).  Hook your audience in with an interesting opening, give them a problem and then offer them your solution. Marketers will even go as far as to use the fear of missing out (FOMO) to close the deal, such as ‘act fast’, ‘last chance’, and ‘offer ends midnight’. 

  1. Engaging direct mail products

“The Medium is the Message,” as stated by the communications theorist, Marshall McLuhan. This means that the way we send and receive information is more important than the information itself! Mediums such as social media have undoubtedly changed the way advertisers communicate. The online world has become bombarded with adverts fighting for our attention as we scroll. Direct mail campaigns are needed to stand out against the crowd and leave an impression in your audience’s mind. 

  1. Monitor ROI

 Digital and print can work in harmony to maximize your campaigns and enable you to monitor campaign traffic, leads, sales, and conversions. A unique landing page or QR code can be printed onto your campaign to lead your audience straight to your website. Once traffic lands on your website Google Analytics can help you to find the exact origin and location of a user with ease.  

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