13 Awesome Podcasts to Listen to in 2022


Podcasts can help you get through a long day at the office, a boring commute, and even motivate you to take action and improve your life. Even if you don’t regularly listen to podcasts, there’s one out there for everyone. Whether you want to discover new technology, learn about current events, or simply relax, here is a list of awesome podcasts to listen to this year. 

  1. U Up?

Anyone in the modern dating world could enjoy listening to a podcast brought to you by Jared Freid, a standup comedian, and Jordana Abraham, the co-founder of Betches, to get their dating advice handed to them. From dating apps to actual dates, these two can help you navigate the confusing world of dating in a digital world.

  1. What Happened To…?

You don’t always get the end of stories, especially when you hear about something on the news. If you’re ever wondering what happened after the story stopped being written or reported, this is the podcast for you. In this podcast, you’ll learn the ends of stories you don’t get on the news and some you do. You’ll learn about the events that have happened after the big story to help you catch up on some history. 

  1. Diet Starts Tomorrow

Do you need a way to be more motivated to put on your running shoes or make a salad for lunch? This podcast can help you learn more about health, wellness, and weight loss without being too over the top. Instead of telling you how to lose weight, you’ll get to understand the psychological side of health and wellness. 

  1. Life Kit

Do you ever feel like you need an instruction manual on life? This podcast can help you deal with all things adulting, including budgeting, relationships, and mental health.

  1. Uncanny

Listening to ghost stories is something every kid enjoys, but listening to a podcast about paranormal events can help adults get through their boring workdays. Everyone enjoys getting a little spooked. Uncanny is a podcast about ghost sightings, alien abductions, and all things paranormal, featuring stories from real people and their encounters.

  1. Deep Cover 

Deep Cover is a true-crime podcast that takes you through the world of crime. This podcast is hosted by actor Leo Rossi, who you may remember from the film “The Accused.” The co-host is retired FBI agent Joe Pistone who is known for his deep undercover work infiltrating the Bonanno Crime Family. His work led to over 200 convictions and a contract out on his life. 

Each season focuses on one true-crime story, with season two focusing on Bob Cooley, a Chicago Lawyer who fixed cases for the mafia before joining forces with the FBI. 

  1. The Murder Squad

In The Murder Squad, investigative journalist Billy Jensen and former cold case investigator Paul Holes attempt to solve an unsolved murder case each week utilizing a variety of methods, including DNA searches and social media. Through this podcast, you’ll learn about investigative techniques used by professionals and listen to the cold cases that have gone without conclusion since the beginning. In a recent storyline, Jensen and Holes invite historian and author Hallie Rubenhold to walk you through the Jack the Ripper case. By researching the victims, Rubenhold helps to paint a vivid picture of the victims and raises questions about the facts of the case.

  1. Dysfunctional Family Storytime

Brought to you by Gimlet, Dysfunctional Family Storytime helps you cope with your own family’s dysfunction by providing you with a collection of stories about families. This series offers a bunch of episodes already aired by other Gimlet series covering everything from family time at the dinner table to sibling rivalries. 

  1. Super Soul

Oprah was a success as a talk show host, so why wouldn’t she be a success as a podcaster? In her podcast, Super Soul, Oprah interviews guests about spiritual awakenings. Guests include authors, spiritual luminaries, and health and wellness experts, so you can finally breathe a sigh of relief and begin learning how to become more spiritual. 

  1. Sunday Scaries

Sunday is the least popular day of the weekend because you only worry about what Monday will bring, and it’s difficult to relax. Sunday Scaries is a podcast designed for those who have to deal with the Sunday anxiety you get about the week to come. In this series, host Dora Kamau offers a new approach to mindfulness by prompting listeners, making it easier to meditate and relax on a Sunday. 

  1. The Ezra Klein Show

Ezra Klein is the co-founder of Vox. In his podcast, he interviews industry experts from around the world and in every industry to teach you about the topics you care most about. His show covers everything from climate change to politics. 

  1. StraightioLab

An intellectual podcast with two comedians, StraightioLab is hosted by two gay comedians taking a deeper look into the straight culture. In each episode, the hosts George Civeris and Sam Taggart have a guest to talk about straight culture topics, including fraternities, themed restaurants, the military, and more. 

  1. The Mom Hour

Being a parent is hard, stressful, and tiring. Luckily, you don’t have to read books in your free time to understand you’re not alone. Many parents are going through or have gone through the same things you are. Now, you can listen to Meagan Francis and Sarah Powers talk about parenthood with unparalleled honesty. Not only can your hosts make you feel like you’re not alone in the world, but they can provide you with parenthood tips and tricks that may make your life a little easier. 

Finding the Right Podcast for You

Finding the right podcast for you can help you turn your boring, mediocre day into something more exciting, even though you’ll just be listening to someone else talk. The best part about podcasts is you can listen to them while doing just about anything, even working out or driving to work. All it takes to find the right podcast to give your day a boost is to do a quick search online for any type of podcast. You’ll be surprised how many options there are!

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