What You Need To Know Before Choosing a Lawyer


Have you found yourself in need of legal counsel? While there are many reasons to seek a lawyer, ranging from facing criminal charges or experiencing personal injury to forming a corporation or purchasing a home, one thing remains the same: Choosing the right attorney is a vital first step. Here are a few things you should consider. 

What’s Their Area of Expertise?

You may require a lawyer for a wide range of occasions, which is why attorneys tend to specialize in a practice area such as family, corporate, criminal, or immigration. For example, if you were in an accident, you’d want to search for a car accident lawyer Sunrise, not a civil rights lawyer. It’s also essential to check how long they have practiced that type of law. You’re always best off going with a firm that has more experience than not. If you find yourself working with a newer lawyer, ensure that they have other more experienced lawyers helping them with your case to ensure you get the best outcome possible. 

How Do They Handle Billing?

Every law firm handles billing differently. Some require money upfront, called a retainer. Lawyers filing civil complaints resulting in financial gain may agree not to charge you unless they win your case. This contingency fee can be anywhere from 30 to 50% of your settlement. Without fail, the cost of working with an attorney will play a big part in deciding. However, it’s important to remember that a cheaper lawyer isn’t always your best choice. Attorneys who charge higher prices do so because they are hard workers who are well-respected in their field and usually have a good record of winning cases. If you’re worried about getting hit with unforeseen charges, ask your attorney for a fee list when you first meet with them. 

Are Their Peers Sending Them Referrals?

One of the best ways to judge a legal service provider is by their referrals. Since lawyers specialize in specific areas of law, referring clients for cases outside their field is common. If someone referred you to the attorney or firm you’re considering using, there’s an excellent chance they’re good at what they do. If you’ve used a personal injury lawyer Pompano Beach in the past for an accident you were in and you trusted and like them but need a lawyer in a different field, call your previous lawyer and ask for a recommendation. 

Is Their Firm Equipped To Handle Your Case?

Find out what kind of resources the firm has at its disposal. If you’re up against a large company, you may need a well-established firm that can provide a team and funds equal to the opposing side. The extra resources could mean access to expert witnesses or investigators who will take the time to get the proof you need to win your case. Alternately, you don’t need much legal support to settle an uncontested divorce.

Finding legal counsel is a challenging process, but it’s a little easier when you’re asking the right questions. Don’t be afraid to keep looking until you discover the best fit for you and your situation.

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