How to Figure Out the Best Business Video Length


You may have watched business videos at some point in your life. If you ever meet with a company trying to sell you on their services or products, they will likely use a brief introductory video as part of their strategy.

If you ever reach a time when you need to create one of these videos for your own company, though, you will need to consider several factors. For instance, you will have to look at whether you want a live-action video, animation, or some combination of the two. 

You’ll need to look at hiring professional actors or using some of your staff members. The second option saves you money, but the first often ensures a better finished product.

You’ll need to look at the business video’s length as well. We’ll discuss how you can figure that out in the following article.

What’s the Standard Business Video Length?

When you look at the best length for a business video, you should first consider that the average running time is two minutes. Two minutes may not seem very long, but you can fit a lot into it. 

Consider this: the typical commercial run time is 30-40 seconds. Within that time, a company can tout a product or service and tell a little story or present a scenario that leads to you wanting to buy or use it.

Once you realize this, you’ll see that if you have two minutes to try and sell someone on your company and what it can do for them, you have all kinds of options and ways you can go. You can use those two minutes to show images of the company headquarters or some of the locations functioning normally. You can continue by showing your factory making some of your products and the vehicles that you use to get them onto store shelves.

If you offer services instead of products, you can show website images that convey how your eCommerce business endeavor works. You might show staff members filling orders or anything else that gets across how the company operates. You will also need to make sure the music and voiceover narration convey the right mood.

Other Video Length Factors

While most business videos follow the format that we’ve described, you’ll sometimes run into situations where you need longer or shorter videos. You might need a longer video if you’re trying to sell another company or investor on the business or a new product or service you’re about to offer, but you simply can’t get the entire concept across in two minutes. You might need five minutes to complete the sales pitch or even fifteen or twenty minutes.

Keep in mind, though, the longer the video you produce, the less likely the investor or whoever else you’re showing it to will continue paying attention to it. The human attention span is not all that long, and it seems shorter than ever these days.

The human attention span often dictates that you need to produce a business video shorter than two minutes as well. In those instances, you’re probably posting the video on your website, or perhaps you’re featuring it on one of the company’s social media accounts. 

If so, you might produce a video that’s thirty seconds or one minute long. You’re trying to push a concept as quickly as possible so that someone viewing it does not lose interest before the video concludes.

The Video’s Cost

You might also have to factor the video’s cost into its length. Again, two minutes does not seem very long, but when you’re paying to produce the video, funding the animation that goes into it might make a longer video prohibitive. It stands to reason that a one-minute video will not cost as much to make as a two-minute one.

If you’re just starting a company and have a limited budget for your business video, you might have to go shorter to conserve funds that you can allocate elsewhere. You might also have to produce several videos for individual services and products. 

If so, you might go with shorter videos if you feel like you can get away with those. It will save you money that you can put toward marketing, research and development, and other pursuits.

Once you’ve factored all of this in, you should come up with the correct business video length. Now, you’re ready to produce the video or hire someone to create it for you.

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