7 ways to earn more money as a freelancer


Are you a new freelancer struggling to land your first paid gigs? Or maybe you’re an experienced freelancer looking for advice on increasing your income from existing or future clients? If so, you’ll love this new guide from ZenBusiness. It outlines the seven things you can do to earn more money as a freelancer.

Here’s a breakdown of the seven tips.

Tip 01: Do your research

What’s the going freelance rate for the type of work you do? How does your level of experience affect what rates you can set? How much are clients happy to pay for your service? What are your competitors charging? These are the first questions you need to answer before deciding on your per-hour rate. Start by checking out profiles and rates on popular freelance sites like Upwork or Fiverr.

Tip 02: Research clients

Ask lots  of questions during your first contacts with new clients. Set expectations on both sides regarding deadlines, working hours, contact availability, and invoicing. Make sure all expectations are reasonable and realistic. This lays the foundation for a solid and productive working relationship.

Tip 03: Don’t pay out of your own pocket

Factor in all your expenses BEFORE setting your rate or sending any quotes to clients. Expenses could include materials, research, travel, rent, a new laptop, shared office space, or even your home Wi-Fi bill.

Tip 04: Schedule some time off

Freelancing is great. It offers the kind of freedom you can’t get from 9-5 full-time roles. But it’s also hectic, demanding, and relentless, especially when establishing your first clients. So don’t forget to give yourself some time off. And be clear about this with clients. Let them know when you’re unavailable and (gently) inform them that you won’t be responding to any late-night emails during your vacation time.

Tip 05: Know your worth

Freelancing is competitive, and many clients are happy to exploit the ready supply of new freelancers willing to work long hours for low pay. Unfortunately, gigs like this are a reality for inexperienced freelancers. But once you have the skills and experience to demand more, don’t accept anything less than what your time and talents are worth. In other words, you can say no to work. Skilled and persistent freelancers are never short of new opportunities. 

Tip 6: Talk money

Most people don’t like talking about money. But to become a successful (and well-paid) freelancer, it’s something that you have to get comfortable with. And work on your negotiation skills. If you know how to talk about money, you’ll have a much better chance of making more of it.

Tip 7: Be flexible

You should always have a minimum acceptable rate, but money isn’t the only reason to take on or refuse a gig. If you can work with a prestigious client, make a new contact, or develop a new skill, taking a short-term ‘pay cut’ could pay off big time in the long term.

You deserve to earn what you’re really worth. So use these tips to increase your income stream and live the ideal freelance life!


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      So true Ryan! I agree about knowing your worth and charging it too…. especially with ALL these companies spamming bloggers trying to pay them next to nothing.

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