The 3 Common Mistakes Fantasy Sports Players Make To Avoid


There are people all over the world playing fantasy sports since it is a great alternative to gambling. It offers the same thrill when you win as you do when you bet on sports but with far less risk. It also involves more skill than betting. However, there is still money to be lost if you don’t come in the top three in your league. 

There are a number of common mistakes that many people playing fantasy sports make. Even though they are common, people continue to make them and end up losing as a result. If you want a chance at winning you have to set yourself up for success. In this article, we will go over many of these mistakes so you can avoid them yourself. 

1 – Picking the wrong format

There are two types of fantasy that you can choose from to play. One involves drafting before the regular season begins and it requires you to commit to the full season. The other has its draft on the same day the season ends. You make your NFL daily fantasy picks and the season ends when the last game of the day is played. 

Some people prefer playing the daily version since they can move on when they get busy or lose interest. Since they only play for one day they don’t have to worry about remembering to set their roster, for example. 

The mistake that many make is picking the wrong format for them. If you are a busy person then a season-long league is going to pose problems and you will likely lose. If you can’t put your attention into it then it isn’t going to work. 

Daily leagues are more of a challenge because you have to condense the research into a short amount of time. The meticulous person will have issues picking a good team. Pick the format that works best for your personality and you are more likely to succeed.

2 – You ignore matchups

Your drafting and roster strategies depend on your ability to look ahead and see what the matchups are for your players as the season goes on. Understanding who does well against certain teams and who struggles will allow you to make moves that put you in a good position to win. 

Matchups are more important than picking the best player at each position. If your best player struggles against a team historically, then putting another player in his place will likely give you a better chance at success. 

3 – You’re not prepared

Being prepared means looking over your team on a regular basis. There may be undrafted players doing really well that you could pick up as a free agent that can really help your team when you are prepared. Likewise, you can be ready to make a trade when you understand the value of your players and can get back a lot in return if a trade is proposed. 

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