Finding Your Personal Style in 5 Steps


You surely have a friend that always wears shirts and doesn’t miss an opportunity to look elegant. But there’s also that guy that dresses casually and wears funny T-shirts. While the approach is different, they both use clothes to exhibit their character.

And what about you – what is your personal style? It’s not only about wearing clothes that fit the latest trends. Of course, fashionable and stylish aren’t the same, but you can look great while ensuring the clothes fit your character. Here’s how to find your personal style!

  1. Figure Out How You’d Like to Look

The first step is identifying how you’d like to dress. You can look for ideas in fashion magazines and consider celebrities whose styles seem fitting. You’ll likely get some great ideas even if you head to social media and see your friends’ outfits.

Experts suggest creating a folder on your computer or social network profile and saving images of preferred clothing items. It’ll tell you which clothes you want to be a part of your style. Are those jeans and shirts or stylish combinations in similar colors? Write down these pointers as they’ll help down the way.

  1. Go Through Your Closet & Get Rid of Unnecessary Items

Now that you have the basic ideas about your style, it’s time for a closet inspection. Analyze your wardrobe and get rid of unnecessary items. A good rule is to throw away or donate anything you haven’t worn in the last 12 months.

While auditing your wardrobe, write down the list of clothing items you’ll continue wearing. You can divide them into multiple groups, such as office, special occasions, or workout clothes. Then, come up with a plan that suits your specific requirements. But try to keep as few items as possible. It’s not about having dozens of clothing pieces but keeping those that fit your style perfectly. 

  1. Come Up with a Shopping List

The next step is shopping for the pieces you miss to complete the wardrobe. Begin by creating a shopping list since it helps make wiser purchases. For example, if you have dark jeans, consider buying several blazers or sweaters you could mix with them. While creating a shopping list, consider versatility. If you find clothing items that fit multiple combinations, you’ll invest less but have more dressing options. Check out Vibe Clothing Company for comfortable clothing collections.

If you are a sustainable fashion fan, stick to secondhand stores. Focus only on buying clothes you could wear in a minimum of three different ways.

  1. Pay Special Attention to Accessories

There’s no better way to express your style than with accessories. If you need a pair of prescription sunglasses, use that to your advantage to express your character. A large frame is suitable if you like that “nerdy” look, or you could go with a thin titanium frame to look elegant.

If you are a fitness enthusiast, a smartwatch is a suitable accessory. In addition, necklaces with a pendant that has personal value and stylish bracelets are wise additions to your style.

  1. Be Open to Trying Unique Clothing

Making a style personal requires adding a bit of uniqueness. Don’t hesitate to try unique clothing that could become your signature piece. For example, not many women wear animal print shoes. You might consider T-shirts with witty messages and applications. Perhaps your personal style is bold, and you are looking forward to wearing colorful clothing items. Whether it’s quirky, bold, or shiny, it’s important you enjoy wearing it.


It takes time to identify a personal style and organize your wardrobe to fit it. It’s continuous work, and you can always look to adjust it with new additions. Moreover, it’s normal that the personal style changes as time passes. You become more mature or change as a person, and that leads to a style adjustment. And remember, you shouldn’t stick to fashion trends. It’s all about finding clothes and accessories you love!

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