Storytelling: Revitalizing Your B2B Video Marketing Strategy Using Storytelling


The online marketplace isn’t like the two-store towns of old. The game is no longer one competitor working against one other competitor. It’s content against content in a flooded bazaar of noise.

The video marketing strategy you used two or three years ago is already outdated and less effective. The quality and scope of your video content are more important than they’ve ever been before. 

Did you know that video content has an online usage rate of over 90%? And this number continues to rise, year over year.[1] In another marketing survey, it was discovered that pre-produced videos was lead the market for B2B content strategies.[2] 

According to the official data, nearly 50% of businesses are already using video content as part of their email marketing strategy. 50% of respondents also report using video on company landing pages.[3] 

A boring and poor-quality point-and-shoot video or your grandpa’s dodgy slideshow won’t make a dent in the noisy marketplace. To break out from the crowd, you have to tell a great story. 

What Is Video Storytelling?

Video storytelling is a natural form of marketing that shares information in an engaging and organic way. Traditional marketing or “buy my product” approaches don’t have the same impact in this information-overloaded society we operate in today. 

The human race is a race of storytellers. They respond positively to a relatable narrative and feel more connected to the storyteller. Story-driven content is compelling, shareable, and engaging. Well-composed stories often attract the viewer back for more. 

For example, if you saw a dog running on an Instagram Reel with no description and no captions, then that’s all it is. A dog running. It may even be an exceptionally cute dog running but it ends there. 

Viewers don’t know there’s a story behind the pup. If the content creator added the story of a previously disease-ridden and abused pet who was now happily re-homed, energetic and living his best life, now, we have a story. Now we understand the implications of this semi-mundane video.

Now the video of a happy dog enjoying the sun on his face and the grass at his feet makes sense because of the story. Stories take people on a journey from one place to another. By creating story-driven video content, you can discuss pain points, desired goals, and future positioning of your target B2B market. 

Storytelling In B2B Video Marketing

B2B marketing has a reputation for being boring and dry. It takes time, money, and creative energy to invest in a high-quality, inspiring video. That investment pays off in the depth, scope, and quality of your marketing.

You might not think of this platform first but LinkedIn is getting behind video storytelling. They report that solely relying on rational appeals could hinder potential future opportunities due to a lack of emotional connection. 

LinkedIn even went so far as to say that B2B marketing strategies that make strong emotional appeals drive 7x more large business effects over time than your traditional approach.[4] 

Revitalize Your B2B Video Marketing With Storytelling

What is the emotional connection you want to create with your video marketing stories?

Shock, fear, and concern trigger the need to be comforted or see something familiar. Polarization is easy to show by pitting opposite emotions against each other such as anger and ardor or a “love it or hate it” portrayal. 

Happiness and enthusiasm are strong emotions that promote community and shareability. Despair and sadness inspire empathy and deep connections. 

With B2B marketing, despair and ardor probably aren’t the paths to choose but what is an adjacent emotion that would resonate with a professional audience? Frustration? Stuck? Pride? Exhilaration? Find what fits with your brand and messaging.

The Seven Ps of Video Marketing Through Storytelling

Here are the seven steps to creating a winning video story marketing for B2B campaigns:

  • The Prospect (the who)
  • The Plot (the what)
  • The Point (the message)
  • The Players (the talent or characters)
  • The Panorama (the environment or setting)
  • The Post-Production (the editing and audio)
  • The Path (the platform to spread the word)

This is your video creation framework for successful story marketing.

Repeatable Processes

Establish a structured process that will help you in developing new video content and mapping out new concepts, productions, and campaigns. Keep an eye on what videos get higher views or greater conversions. Track what made that video different and use that data to inform future video content. 

High-Quality Not High Quantity

The B2B market doesn’t respond well to anything that appears cheap or thrown together. Better quality in fewer numbers will always beat out high-volume low-quality videos because it makes a stronger case for trust, credibility, and reliability. These elements are crucial for B2B brands. 

Don’t Overthink It

Quality doesn’t have to mean complicated. Simple videos can still have an incredible impact with the element of storytelling. Don’t be afraid of the task and never start. Start small and make it happen. 

Consistency Is Key

Consistency is a double-edged sword. It means both consistency in messaging as well as consistency of appearance. Stick to your content strengths and keep creating. Don’t post once in a blue moon about random topics and expect strong trust metrics. 

Selling With Stories

Good stories start with a strong hook. Learn your market. What do they need to hear? Break down objections in a compelling way and personalize your stories using case studies and success stories. 

It takes mental space and creative energy to develop compelling stories that entertain, educate, and inspire. But once you do, you’ve earned the right to just ask for the sale. Selling is made easy through the power of storytelling. 

Video Storytelling To Grow Your Business

Jeffrey Gitomer, the King of Sales, coined the phrase “People don’t like to be sold but they love to buy.” B2B customers are no different! They’re out there looking for a solution and you want them to find and resonate with yours. Enhance your video marketing strategy using storytelling!






— Author Bio: 

Torrey Tayenaka

Torrey Tayenaka is the co-founder and CEO at Sparkhouse, a training video production agency. He is often asked to contribute expertise in publications like Entrepreneur, Single Grain and Forbes. Sparkhouse is known for transforming video marketing and advertising into real conversations.Rather than hitting the consumer over the head with blatant ads, Sparkhouse creates interesting, entertaining and useful videos that enrich the lives of his clients’ customers. In addition to Sparkhouse, Torrey has also founded the companies Eva Smart Shower, Litehouse & Forge54.

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