Merch Matters: Best Promotional Products To Give Customers 


When designing a product, it’s important to consider its value and relevance. The best promotional products are items that everyone uses nearly every day. The following are several of the most effective tools to use for finding new customers.

Writing Instruments

Everyone uses writing instruments regularly to help with running errands and writing random notes. Promotional pens and pencils designed with the company’s name, logo, or slogan can become a daily addition to someone’s life. Pens and pencils are easy to produce at mass levels and give out to countless recipients. If you have the funds, consider buying a higher quality pen. This will make your company standout even greater. 

Clothing and Accessories

Promotional clothing includes T-shirts, pants, and jackets that sport your company’s name and image. Perform the double task of boosting your brand’s awareness and promoting fashion through clothing. With countless manufacturers that produce unique clothing, it’s not hard to find a promotional product supplier. Accessories are all types of items that complement clothing from hats to scarves. Consider your market and order accessories to give out in addition to clothing. For smaller budgets, consider bracelets. 

Tote Bags

Like clothing and writing instruments, you take tote bags everywhere. The trend nowadays is to carry tote bags into stores and use them in place of plastic bags. Like clothes, these bags are made in various sizes and designs to accommodate all types of shopping trips. If you’re marketing to families, consider ordering bigger totes. If you’re seeking out younger customers, consider an average sized tote. In order to stand out, your design on this is important; consider working with a team of professionals for this product.  


Branded stationery consists of office supplies that you use almost every day like notepads, calendars, day planners, and writing paper. Giving out free stationery to your customers may be more effective than handing out business cards to random people. With your brand at the top of all their notes, it’s easy to gain brand recognition. 


Mugs, glasses, and tumblers all have a great chance of impressing future customers. When designing drinkware, make sure it is attractive and quality. If purchasing a metal tumbler make sure it is quality and won’t rust quickly. Nothing could leave a bad taste in your customer’s mouth (literally) more quickly than drinking from a rusted tumbler. Because of this, consider a plastic tumbler. These are just as popular and will last longer! 

Mugs are great because of their durability and constant use. Glasses are also a nice touch. Watch out for trends like the recent beer can shaped glasses used for iced coffees. With their popularity, this is a great consideration. 

Once you build your brand, you have to spend the time and energy in increasing its public awareness. Sometimes, the best solution is to have the promotional products do the work themselves. There are many different promotional products to choose from.  A single product order can reach hundreds up to thousands of potential customers and surge new interest in your company.

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