Gift Of Giving: Tips To Help Get Your Team Excited About A Work Fundraiser


Giving back is so important for any business, and getting your team on board is crucial. Giving back to charity can help raise your business profile and boost your wider reputation. Getting employees engaged in this kind of activity can sometimes be tricky. You should consider each individual as well as the team as a whole to develop the right incentives.

It is essential to include your team in the process of choosing a charity so that they will feel a sense of ownership for the fundraiser. It is also a good idea to be open to ideas and suggestions on how to fundraise and make the event accessible to all.

Foster Some Healthy Competition 

Many people are competitive by nature, and making it into a friendly contest can be a great way to encourage participation and increase the money raised for charity. You could consider offering a prize for the first, second and third highest fundraisers. You could also use a tracker throughout the fundraiser to see who achieves the most. For instance, if you do a walking challenge over a set time period, you could have a tracker so that each team member can see how well they’re progressing.

Provide Free Branded T-shirts 

Getting a t-shirt with your company branding and that of the charity you’re raising money for can be a great way to encourage teamwork. The t-shirts can even be personalized to add to the fun for your team. You can start sharing your T-shirts once you’ve customized your design, chosen a T-shirt, printed on it with durable materials, and used direct to film print techniques. Bolt Printing has an excellent range of custom printable t-shirts that are ideal for team-building exercises like fundraising.

Provide Various Ways To Fundraise 

One single method of fundraising won’t be for everyone in your team. For instance, some may want to do a physical challenge like a charity run, while others may be more comfortable having a bake sale. Trying to get everyone in your team to do the same fundraising activity can cause discontent and lowered engagement. You could instead suggest a few different ways your team can raise money and allow them to select the method they feel most comfortable with.

Give Them A Say 

People are much more likely to engage with something they have had a hand in creating and developing. They also want to know that the causes they’re raising money for are the ones they really care about. You could consider having a meeting to discuss which charities you could fundraise for, and give each employee a chance to put forward their own suggestions. You could also send out a survey with all the options, so everyone gets a say in the final choice.

Offer To Match What Is Raised 

A great way to incentivize your team is by offering to match the money they raise with profits from the business. This can show your team that you value their input and that the money they raise will have an even greater impact on the charity. It can introduce a sense of camaraderie with the team and show that the business truly values the charity and isn’t simply fundraising as a way to raise awareness of the company itself.

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