Best jobs within the Health and Fitness arena


The health and fitness industry are currently booming at the moment, especially with people getting their lives back to normal after the Covid-19 pandemic.  This includes people heading back to the gym on a regular basis to get rid of any “lockdown fat” they may have put on.  There are many great jobs that can be taken up within this industry and the wonderful thing on this is that most are flexible in terms of hours.   For example, if you become a personal trainer, you are able to work flexible hours that suit you and your clients.   Below we have listed a few of these jobs that are attracting talent to these positions. 

Personal Trainer

The most popular of them all is a personal trainer.  These people are icons in this industry and are the ones to help, coach and give you all the right advice to get yourself fit and in shape.   They are usually well tones themselves with all the fitness work they do and are able to put you on a workout plan that is suitable and achievable.  In order to become a fitness trainer there are some hoops you need to jump through as it does not come easy.   There are many courses for PTs that will help broaden the skillset and give a formal qualification.  These include instruction, training and nutrition related qualifications and will be completed with a mix of online and face to face training.  These qualifications are a great baseline to get yourself started in this profession and the more qualifications you have, the better coaching you can give (and more you can usually charge).


If you enjoy swimming, then why not look to become a lifeguard at your local gym / pool.  This is an excellent job where usually you can work part time hours and be able to contribute to ensuring people are safe in the pool.   In order to be a qualified lifeguard, there will be certain training courses you need to take which include both in the pool and out.   There will also be an element of first aid / life saving training in case someone does drown and you need to try and recover them.  If you do in fact become a lifeguard, you are halfway there to being a swimming instructor which could be step number two!  Being a swimming instructor will normally allow you to charge hourly and work even more flexible hours.

Tennis Coach

With it being the summer and people have their strawberries and cream out for Wimbledon, you could consider being a tennis coach if this is the game you like to play.  In order to be a coach, you do not have to be a previously (or current) ATP ranked player, but you do need to have valuable experience of tennis and some qualifications around the coaching.   Tennis coaches will normally work on an ad-hoc basis and charge their own hourly rate, or they could be affiliated with a local gym that has tennis facilities.  Although tennis is usually an outdoor sport, there are many indoor facilities that make this an occupation that can be completed all year round. 


These are just some different fitness related jobs that people can take up.  It is important to remember that because you are “good” at a specific sport or activity it does not necessarily mean you are an expert.  To coach this, you need to go on and gain the formal qualifications to be better recognised and gain a level of credibility.

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