5 Ways to Enhance the Security of Your Next Corporate Event


A corporate event is designed to be a comfortable, invigorating gathering where colleagues can mingle with one another and employees from different businesses can potentially have a chance to network. In the midst of planning icebreaker activities and the catering menu, don’t forget to prioritize security concerns and procedures as well.

Require Pre-Registration

Requiring guests to register in advance in order to attend the event is an easy way to get a head count of who will be there. As a result, it’s important you make the deadline to register well in advance to the event and also as clear as possible to all potential attendees. Not allowing any sign-ups beyond the deadline is a good security measure since it sets the limit of how many people you have to account for, and gives you a good idea of how extensive the security measures need to be.

Depending on the nature of the event, you might want to run screenings on attendees. However, to avoid any issues you should also let individuals know that you are planning to do so in advance. This will avoid any potential outrages and let them know exactly what you need in order to perform the screening. 

Another way to better safeguard the event is to require a registration fee. Individuals with unscrupulous intentions may avoid events that they have to pay for, as it’s an extra effort they’re unwilling to bother with or can’t do.

Ask for Identification

At the entrance of your event, set up a booth where event workers will require identification. In advance of the event, let attendees know what type of identification will be accepted. You might want to consider requesting two valid forms of identification per attendee, such as a government-issued identification card and a check or banking statement with the attendee’s name on it.

Hire Security Guards

You can hire security guards for a variety of purposes. For example, professionals from a security company like Cannon Security might escort guests into and out of the event, or these experts could oversee the entire gathering. You might also hire security professionals to collect identification at the entrance.

Limit Entrances

If the event has multiple entrances but identification is required at only one, unauthorized individuals could potentially sneak into the event with ease. Many venues do have more than one entrance and exit, notably for fire-safety purposes. Find out what can be done in terms of locking one entrance while still adhering to the proper fire codes for the space.

Vary Payment Options

At some events, attendees are allowed to purchase items. Offering a variety of secure payment methods is a way to enhance security. You could use devices that allow for secure credit card processing. Another possibility is to ask attendees to pay through a secure app on their phones. Choose a popular app that many people already trust to bolster their confidence in the payments.

A corporate event has to focus on security. Attendees want to feel as though they are safe at the event. In fact, if potential guests are worried about the level of security that will be available, they might hesitate to sign up. Therefore, prioritizing safety is important as you plan out the details of this gathering.

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