Why You Should Consider a Fax Server


Many offices continue to use fax machines today. While countless individuals consider fax to be more secure than electronic mail, that isn’t necessarily the case. A fax machine uses a phone line to transmit documents, and these phone lines lack encryption. Furthermore, any person in the vicinity of the fax machine may see documents they shouldn’t or take documents that belong to another person. However, thanks to advances in technology, a person no longer needs to use a fax machine. They have other options when they need to fax paperwork. What are these options? 

What is a Fax Server?

Consider a fax server alternative as a way to send and receive documents without the need for a physical fax machine. What is a fax server? A fax server is a program that allows a computer or mobile device to be used for document exchanges. Fax servers require four things to work. The user needs a computer or mobile device with a fax program installed. They must have access to an internet connection and a fax modem. In addition, the fax server connects with local area network (LAN) users. The individual or company installs this system on a LAN server. This allows the computer and scanner to send and receive documents. 

How Does a Fax Server Differ From a Fax Machine? 

Fax servers operate without a phone line. The individual may choose to use a phone line to send and receive faxes or they can do so over the internet. Many people refer to this as online faxing. The individual uses the internet to upload a document. The fax server then functions much like a post office. It accepts documents from the user and transforms them into faxes. The user determines if they want to send the documents using a phone line or the internet. If they choose the internet, the fax server facilities the process. 

Users may also receive documents using this technology. Obtain a dedicated fax number and receive the documents electronically. This allows them to be printed or stored electronically for retrieval at a later date. 

How to Send or Retrieve Faxes

Users choose a method to upload the documents. They may send the paperwork using email or an online or app interface. Many people use the camera on their smartphone to capture documents. They can likewise retrieve documents using their computer or smartphone. Many documents come through as PDF attachments on emails. A web interface may also be used to access the documents. These documents remain on the computer, so the user can retrieve them as needed. They won’t need to print hard copies or pay for storage space. This saves money and natural resources. 

Benefits of Online Faxing

Online faxing comes with many benefits. Fax servers are easy to use. In fact, most people find they can follow the directions and send or receive a fax in a matter of minutes. When a person uses an online fax server, they know the information being sent is secured. This isn’t the case when a conventional phone line is used.

They won’t be spending money on paper and fax machine supplies, which can quickly add up. In addition, there is no need to purchase a fax machine or replace one that is outdated or failing. People use computers and mobile devices daily, and they can use these same electronics to send and receive faxes. 

Research fax server providers today. Men and women who do so find they can begin using online faxing today with great success. It’s one option every person should consider. 

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