Fitness and Health: Remotely And In-Office


The pandemic made office workers transition to remote workspaces and despite the change, professionals found great professional and personal benefits in working from home. One, in particular, is making more time for health and fitness goals. 

Pew Research Center conducted a study where 6 in 10 respondents claimed working remotely has made it easier to balance work and personal life. Working from home increases productivity and time not spent commuting has been used for staying healthy and fit. The flexibility of working then working out gives professionals the best of both worlds.

However, in 2022 some companies are transferring employees back into the office. So, whether you return to the office or remain at home, here are the 6 best ways to support your health and wellness goals. 

6 Remote and In-Office Ways To Stay Fit and Healthy

1. Make Time

Including exercise in your workday boosts energy and productivity. Utilize good workout shoes and incorporate these tips from home or at the office.


  • Replace time spent commuting to the office with HIIT or yoga in the morning
  • During your lunch break, go for a run or hit the gym


  • Switch up your commute by walking or biking to work
  • Take the stairs versus the elevator or use your office gym for a quick burn

2. Avoid Long Periods of Sitting

Research from Mayo Clinic found that sitting for long periods may be connected to several health concerns including blood pressure.


  • Schedule 5-10 minute exercise breaks not at your desk
  • Purchase a standing desk so you can work for periods on your feet


  • Conduct stand-up or walking meetings
  • Invest in an under-desk treadmill or bike to keep moving consistently

3. Healthy Meals

A study from the American Heart Association discovered that 82% of employees claim the importance of having healthy food options at work.


  • Plan your lunch and snack times and pack food you’ll be excited to eat


  • Prep your lunch and snacks the night before with nutritious options like fruit, nuts, and veggies

4. Mindfulness

Research from Wharton showed that even just a few minutes of practicing mindfulness every day promotes productivity.


  • Practice breathwork at your desks such as box breathing and the 4-7-8 technique


5. Work-Life Boundaries

Creating a balance between professional and personal life is the key to health and can help reduce burnout and stress at work.


  • Form boundaries by working in a separate room from your bedroom
  • Avoid working beyond your normal working hours


  • Plan activities to do once you leave the office like a workout or dinner with friends
  • Avoid looking at your work email once you leave for the day

6. Colleagues Connections

Standford’s research found that strong social connections are important to our mental and physical well-being. These bonds could help lower feelings of stress and anxiety.


  • Schedule monthly coffee chats with some colleagues to connect 
  • Sign-up for a virtual fitness class and invite coworkers to join in


  • Reach out to colleagues about grabbing lunch during the week
  • Take walking breaks with coworkers inside or outside the office

For additional ways how to stay healthy and fit, check out our infographic below. 

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