How to Make Your Office Space That Much More Refined


Is your office ready for an upgrade? There are many basic but effective enhancements you can make to take your workspace to the next level of professionalism. Even if you have just a desk and chair, here are affordable ideas to consider.

Refurbish the Window Dressings

Give your office windows a facelift by changing their accents. Add a new valance instead of full drapes to let light in. Change the blinds from a horizontal to a vertical design in a different color. Hang a potted fern for interest and to clear the air of toxins. Set potted floral plants on the window ledge.

Update the Wall Decor

Swap older framed art and wall decorations for newer ones that reflect a more refined style. You might want to hang paintings by local artists whose reputations are beginning to soar or replicas of famous lesser-known prints. Wall sculptures are another option for upgrading your office style. Install just a few well-placed pieces for visual appeal, but don’t clutter the walls with numerous pictures or wall hangings.

Stylize Your Office Chair

Add a classy design of seat cover to your office chair to give it a completely different look. Select a floor chair mat from glass chairmats online and in other places to accent your desk chair while also protecting the floor or carpet. Clean or polish the chair legs and oil the rollers if needed to keep your chair looking good and moving smoothly in your work area.

Accent the Flooring and Furniture

If the floor is wearing down, place accent rugs strategically to cover stained or damaged spots. Make sure they fit the floor securely to prevent a tripping hazard. Have the furniture, like chairs or a sofa, professionally cleaned. If they are looking aged, get new slipcovers for a fresh look that fits your upscale theme. Polish any side tables or coffee tables for a like-new appearance.

Enhance the Lighting

Plug in a table lamp with adjustable lighting. Choose a classic lamp shade that goes with the other updates. Place the lamp on a side table or on your desk to be used as needed or to create ambiance with a dimmer switch. Replace older ligh tbulbs with LED bulbs to look better and last longer.

Help your office look its best by changing the essential elements. With minimal cost and effort, your workspace can be enhanced to provide a refined office where you will enjoy working.

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