Unique Ideas for Getting the Word Out About Your Business


Business marketing comes in many forms, but some are more creative than others. If you’re looking to do something a little different with your brand, here are just four ways to uniquely advertise your company.


Contests can be a great way to encourage user-generated content in the form of photos, captions, illustrations, or even just social media posts with hashtags. You can essentially outsource your own marketing as long as you require participants to incorporate your brand in their submissions. Additionally, if you offer your own product as a prize, you can increase the perception of its value while also spreading the word about it. Contests can be particularly useful for well-known brands launching a new product or service.

Print Advertising

It’s easy to get so wrapped up in digital marketing that you forget about the real world, but people still live, work, and travel outside of their screens, and it can pay to target some advertising at them. The trick is to think outside of the box. Rather than the usual billboards and park benches, come up with fun, creative ways to stamp your business name on the environment. If you run a gutter repair company, for example, you might paint your phone number around real gutters. Anything unusual can catch the eye and intrigue the person who sees it.

Car-Based Advertisements

Take your brand name everywhere by advertising your business on your car. The simplest methods are putting stickers or vinyl decals on your windows with your business name, logo, email, or phone number. More advanced measures might include things like a custom-made magnetic sign attached to your door. To make the biggest impact, consider full-fledged vehicle wraps. They’re visually striking in a way that encourages people to look twice.

Collaboration With Other Brands

If you need more exposure for your brand, it can help to hitch your wagon to other, more established ones. You can create a mutually beneficial arrangement where both of you profit from a joint venture or a shared marketing campaign. For example, you might establish a reward or referral program that integrates multiple brands in the same neighborhood, thereby encouraging more customers to frequent the area. You could also offer special deals and discounts for customers who shop at participating locations.

These are just a few unique ways to spread the word about your company. There are plenty more, so don’t be afraid to try new things or break the mold with something that the world has never seen before. Innovation can be the best thing that ever happens to a business.

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