5 Reasons Your Business Should Work with Influencers


Influencer marketing has become extremely popular amongst the biggest brands. Sponsoring influencers on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok has become the norm in the world of social media, which makes sense. There are plenty of advantages to working with influencers, and these are just five of the major advantages.

1. Cost-Effective

The first advantage is that it is cost-effective. Creating a big advertisement for television can be extremely expensive. Even creating an ad that will run on social media websites can be expensive.

Working with an influencer can minimize that cost. This is because they will create the ad for you. Not to mention that reaching out to influencers is practically free. You may give them a script to go off for the advertisement, but that is the only input that you need to give. The influencer will film and edit their ad for your company/product, which will reach their audience.

This eliminates having to hire actors and a film crew to create an advertisement. Also, it is cheaper than having to hire people to create your ad, which can allow you to use that money on multiple different ads through influencers.

2. Results in Genuine Content

This is a big advantage of working with influencers. When creating an advertisement, it can be hard to judge what will appease your target audience. However, influencers have the perfect grasp on their target audience so it can result in content that they enjoy watching.

Of course, they will know it is an advertisement, but they will not care because they enjoy watching the influencer’s content. Influencers will take the time to put their spin on it, and make the audience enjoy the content. They do not want them to click off their content, so they will make an engaging ad that helps both themselves and you.

3. Saves Time

This is the most important benefit on this list. The money that goes into filming an advertisement is important, but that money is going to be spent on the influencers anyway. It will just be spent much more efficiently.

Time, on the other hand, does not have to be spent on filming an ad if you are working with an influencer. The time that you save by working with an influencer can be used in so many different ways. Time is always hard to find but working with influencers can find your time.

You can use this extra time to monitor social media, improve marketing strategies, or do a handful of other things that are productive for your company.

4. TV Commercials Are Outdated

People are trending away from live television. Of course, there are things like the Superbowl, and other live television events, which will draw large audiences. However, individuals are not watching television nearly as much as they used to.

With all the available streaming services, and the ability to record shows and skip through commercials, individuals do not need to sit through ads. Therefore, you will want to shift to an influencer marketing strategy.

Advertisements are often viewed as a nuisance on television, but influencers make advertisements fun. Also, influencer advertisements often benefit the viewer by giving them a discount code to keep them engaged.

5. Could Expand Your Audience

If you are a small company looking to expand your audience, then influencer marketing is perfect. Some influencers have millions of followers, which could vastly expand your company’s audience.

If you are a big company then you may not expand your audience as much, but you could benefit from specific niches. Therefore, you may have to do some influencer recruiting. You will need to reach out to influencers in specific niches to expand your audience. For example, if you are a gaming company that is starting to make accessories for controllers, then you will want to reach out to console gamers instead of PC gamers.

Finding the right influencer can get a bit complicated, but it is well worth it in the long run.


Overall, there are not too many downsides to influencer marketing. You may find that it may not be the best fit for your company, but you should try it first before you make that decision. You may find that it is the best marketing decision that you have ever made, and you are never going back to traditional marketing methods again.

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