How to Avoid Decision Fatigue


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Making decisions, even the small ones, can be exhausting. Having to make a decision that will impact your life can be even more exhausting, overwhelming, and stressful. When your brain starts to fog, you start feeling less motivated because of a lack of willpower, or get decision paralysis, you are most likely experiencing decision fatigue. 

If you are a graduating student, you may be experiencing the struggle of deciding what’s next for you. What degree to pursue? What college should you attend? 

Don’t let those questions get you down. Next time you are noticing those symptoms, try out these tips to beat that decision fatigue. 

What is Decision Fatigue?

Decision fatigue comes about when you are having to make too many decisions over a length of time. There is no time to think or reflect on how your decision may pan out because it seems like you are rushed to make the “right choice”. Luckily there are ways to combat decision fatigue. 

1. How Does Decision Fatigue Manifest?

Get to the bottom of this decision fatigue by seeking out why it’s happening and to better understand how it can be avoided. By learning how to avoid decision fatigue you will be able to take a second to reflect and make the necessary changes. 

2. Create Daily Routines

Creating a routine that you go by daily helps eliminate some decisions you would usually have to make throughout the day. Making decisions in the morning can be the hardest, try creating a morning routine to get your day started. For example, wake up and go to the gym at the same time every day. Then keep your morning going by eating the same breakfast every morning, which sounds like no fun, but it will be one less decision that has to be made. 

3. Utilize Your Resources

For those going through the school admissions process, you don’t have to do it alone, lean on your teachers or counselors to clear your mind and make the right decision. Teachers and counselors are in those positions to help out and are always willing to support. 

4. Avoid Second-Guesses

Not going back on your initial decision can be tricky. Second-guessing will only cause more stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed. Once you’ve made your decision, trust your gut and stick with it. Try not to dwell on past decisions either. 

Don’t let big or daily decisions stress you out. Learn more ways to avoid decision fatigue with the infographic below. 

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