Five Outstanding Trends That Will Change the Job Market in 2022


The present and future of work have a clear objective, which is digitization. In the next few years, the job outlook will have important changes. Most of these trends are related to technology, regardless of the field. This new era will positively affect production, wages, job outlook, and efficiency.

The evolution of work is necessary, especially in this century where work demands are higher due to recent events. If you want to know more about the future of jobs, pay attention to the five most popular job trends for 2022. Discover the benefits of each job, the influence on companies and employees, and the role of technology.

Automation and Digitization

You may think that artificial intelligence processes are only useful for optimizing time performance in companies. However, the functions of these technologies cover more spaces in new industries and roles. This trend is also related to the growth of remote jobs. Automation, machine learning, and data science are tools for more efficient recruiting processes, file management, and individual assessment of workers’ performance.

Thanks to these technologies, business results can be more accurate. On the other hand, this trend shows why many job seekers seek positions that are related to these systems. AI and data analytics are fields with high demand and positive projections for this decade. A report by BCC Research shows that the machine learning market will grow 39.4 percent between 2021 and 2026.

You can learn these topics in coding bootcamps such as App Academy and Coding Dojo. These coding bootcamps offer short-term jampacked training that prepares students for various tech professions.

Safer Work Environment, Less Vaccine Mandate

Even though the United States is one of the countries most affected by the coronavirus, the job market does not plan to apply the vaccine mandate. These movements seek to create safer work environments. Capacity reduction and methods such as hybrid schedules are more popular alternatives and will have a greater impact in the coming years.

Companies and workers hope to maintain individual freedoms before promoting rules affecting productivity. This style can be replicated worldwide as a strategy to stop the Great Resignation since one of the reasons behind this movement is to demand healthier workspaces for employees.

Remote Work

Hybrid schedules and 100 percent online jobs are among the strongest trends this year. During the pandemic, remote work has seen a significant increase due to companies’ attempts to reduce infections at work. The home office is one of the most popular methods in the United States. The rise in demand also represents more investment in remote work platforms, internet services, and connection tools.

Little by little, remote work overcomes more obstacles, reaching new fields and users. People looking for work in fields such as web design, software development, digital marketing, product management, and others will be a more frequent activity in the next few years. This method maintains production under any circumstances, even pandemics.

Healthcare Services

It’s common to see companies that invest in health resources for their employees. In fact, new workers consider that a “dream job” includes benefits such as health insurance, medical assistance at work, sessions and program on mental health, and resources for work free of stress and anxiety.


Training and coaching are an important part of a company’s professional development. If you are currently looking for a job, pay attention to the employment benefits before submitting your resume. The best companies in the United States offer curricula, workshops, events, and paid courses for their workers.

This method is vital to building a current and ready workforce to meet the challenges of the 21st century. One of the most common resources are online coding bootcamps, which offer training programs for students or company work teams. These ideas are becoming more frequent and accepted in the workforce.


The future of work shows us incredible projections. By understanding the impact of technology on these trends, you can quickly adapt to any job. Follow our bullet points above and learn about job market trends over the next decade.

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