How has headless commerce changed the face of selling online?


As the world is progressing, there are trends and advancements that we never thought would change our lives. If we go back a few decades ago, people used to do stuff and went about their day without using any kind of gadget or technology but as the years passed by it has become impossible to not use your phone or laptop for your convenience. The internet and the views of the people are divided in this regard. While many people think that due to the advancements the world has changed drastically and everyone has forgotten about the concept of slowing down and persevering nature while others think of it as a step towards a better future. The use of technology has created so many opportunities for people all around the world.

While you are sitting here reading this there is someone out there who is already working on something that will change the face of the future. If you take a recap of your own life you will remember that when you were young you used to go out with your parents and siblings to shop for whatever you wanted but as the time passed by everything started to shift online and the idea of online shopping became more and more convenient. People opened up to the idea of online shopping and now whoever you ask thinks it is best to stay at home and spend money online. A part of this has been possible due to headless commerce.

Understanding headless commerce     

For brands that want their business to flourish online and want more customers on the internet, think of headless commerce as an opportunity to help them grow in the market. Headless commerce is a way of providing brands with different options when it comes to selling stuff online to gain experience. Due to the efficiency of headless commerce brands can make changes that are happening in the market. This keeps them up to date with the latest trends. This helps you to increase efficiencies and reduce the bottlenecks that would slow the business down.

The 3 models of E-commerce 

The models that have helped businesses in increasing their efficiency in the market are important for everyone to know about. The three main ways in which businesses have changed their share online are as follows:

  • Monolithic: In the early days when people had no idea of what e-commerce was, hardware and software were not easily understood. The birth of e-commerce opened the minds of people up to software and technology. In this model for instance the type of technology you bought you would have to buy the same software for it too. Times have changed since then.
  • Commerce led and experience led: The difference between the two is that while commerce led platforms use more professional and better software like UX at the front and also the checkout, experience led platforms on the other hand start their progress from the bottom layer and work their way up to the top.

Nowadays businesses need more functionality and when that question arises headless commerce is the talk of the town. Headless commerce is separated from e-commerce in so many ways. With the help of headless commerce, businesses can use modern APIs which can help them gain profitability.

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