8 Must-Have Productivity Tools for Your Biz in 2022


Productivity is the ratio between the units produced and the resources used to produce these units. When this ratio is high, you will make more profits and vice versa. That is why as a business owner, you need to think about how you can increase your business productivity. Several productivity tools are essential for your business in 2022.

1. Shipright

As a business owner, you need to analyze your customer feedback constantly. That can help improve customer experience, which, in turn, can help you satisfy your customers. It can also help you get an idea of the products and services that these people would want in the future.

Shipright can help you analyze your customer feedback. It is a software solution that enables you to capture, store and categorize customer feedback. For instance, this software will capture any positive comments given by customers during phone calls. It will also capture business reviews and comments that customers write on your social media account pages.

2. Happeo

The number of people working from home is increasing day by day. Sometimes it can be challenging for these people to access vital information about your company. That can, in turn, reduce productivity. To ensure it does not happen, you need to invest in a knowledge management system like Happeo. The software can make it easy for your employees to find and share the information they need regardless of its form and shape. That will improve productivity since employees will not waste a lot of time looking for such information. Instead, they will focus on other important things.

3. LastPass

Trying to remember all your passwords can sometimes be hectic. Looking for the pieces of paper where you wrote these passwords is actually more hectic. Lastpass can help you avoid such. It is a software solution that can help you manage your passwords. With this tool, you will be able to log into your accounts without having to remember your passwords since they will be saved in Lastpass. It will also help you create strong passwords and easily share them with different people.

4. Asana

Asana is a project management software solution that can help increase productivity. It can help you organize work so that your employees know what they need to do. It can also help your employees understand why whatever they are doing matters and how to get the assigned tasks done. In short, it will help you bring all your employees’ projects into one shared space, making it easy for you to assign and organize tasks. It will also help you highlight the most important tasks your employees need to focus on.

5. Dropbox

Imagine trying to send one of your employees an email only to find out that the file attached to the email is too big, and the email cannot be sent. You will feel bad, right? To avoid such inconveniences, you need to start using Dropbox. It is a software solution that can allow you to transfer and upload files to the cloud. Such files can be accessed by anyone using any device. It also has advanced sharing features that enable you to send large files to your employees.

6. Cortex

If you work in the health field and need to increase your productivity, you need to invest in hospital utilization management software. Cortex is an example of such a software solution. With the help of this software, you and your hospital staff will get to know the patients that need to be prioritized. In short, this software will offer a clear presentation of the conditions that your patients are suffering from. That way, nurses and doctors will spend more time on patients who need a lot of attention. That, in turn, will make them utilize their time well.

7. Hootsuite

Online presence is vital for businesses as it can make it easy for potential customers to find you. However, if your business has a significant online presence, you need to figure out how to manage your social media accounts. Otherwise, you will not be able to offer your online customers whatever they need. Hootsuite can help you manage your social media accounts. It is a software solution that can help schedule your social media posts easily. It can also help you grow your social media following.

8. Mailchimp

Email marketing can help you improve your business productivity. It can also help you build a good relationship with your customers. However, you should ensure that you send these customers information that they need based on how you know them. You should also ensure that you invest in email-sending software that will help you send your customer personalized emails. Mailchimp is an example of such a software solution. The productivity tool can help you segment, personalize and optimize the emails that you send your customers.

Closing Thoughts

If you are a small business owner, you need to do all you can to improve business productivity. Several tools can help you when it comes to this. These tools include Mailchimp, Cortex, Hootsuite, and Dropbox.

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