Popular Online Products to Offer in 2022 (And How to Succeed in Marketing Them)


To achieve success in e-commerce, you will have to offer trending, popular products, possess enough skill to market them efficiently, and have a true appetite for success. And while persistence and determination can’t be taught easily, you can learn more about the products that are high in demand, as well as effective ways of advertising and selling them, in order to build a prosperous e-commerce business. To that end, here are some trending products that might help you to reach success in 2022:

Eco-friendly products

Sustainability is steadily gaining popularity, particularly among younger generations. These consumers want to shop from businesses that care about the planet and are transparent about their efforts to keep the environment healthy and safe. Fortunately, the number of eco-friendly business ideas is truly endless, from reusable totes and water bottles with attractive designs to sustainable kid’s toys and green travel planning. As Gen Z and Millennial consumers seem to be the target audience for eco-friendly products, social media marketing and online stores on popular platforms might be the best strategy for marketing greener products to a younger audience.

Natural cosmetics

Another category of products becoming increasingly popular among younger generations are natural cosmetics and skincare. As more consumers learn about the effects artificial ingredients could have on their bodies and even the environment, they are turning more towards products made with gentler, natural ingredients like essential oils and plant extracts. The beauty industry is also growing at a rapid pace, making natural cosmetics a great investment at the moment. In terms of marketing, social media channels such as Instagram and Facebook stores, as well as Google Ads, can all be powerful and effective advertising tools for reaching an interested audience.


Being a necessity all year round, shoes are constantly among the best-performing products each season, and represent a great sector to venture into. The footwear industry is quite broad as well, considering the fact there is a market for dress shoes, orthopedic shoes, custom-made footwear, and even resellers of popular brands like Air Jordan and Nike. In terms of selling footwear online, it’s recommended to find a target market and focus on only selling to one group at first, as consumers tend to go for specific searches like “shoes for women” for instance. You could also sell shoes on social media websites, third-party platforms like Amazon and eBay, or even niche footwear marketplaces such as GOAT and StockX.

Women’s activewear

With the fitness industry continuously on the rise and an increasing number of individuals becoming more health-conscious, the time to focus on activewear is now. In particular, beautiful women’s activewear is rapidly increasing in popularity. Women don’t only look for high-quality fitness products that offer the necessary stretch, comfort, and breathability, but also attractive and flattering pieces that help to showcase the figure they’ve worked so hard to achieve. Fitness models on Instagram are a true testament to this fact, and also a great opportunity to dabble into influencer marketing. As long as a fitness influencer has a large enough following, activewear for women can easily be marketed and sold to your target audience through a few sponsored posts.

Subscription orders

From food boxes, drink collections, and cleaning products to beauty sets, clothing, books, and even dog food, nearly any product can be sold through a subscription service nowadays. It’s an affordable and convenient solution for consumers, which might explain its sudden rise in popularity. Regardless of the specific niche you’d like to explore or the type of product or service you wish to sell, opting for a recurring orders or subscription business model is a simple way to ship items to your consumers on a regular, prearranged basis, thus ensuring more consistent profits from the very beginning. What’s more, subscription orders can easily be marketed towards interested customers, with influencer and social media marketing proving quite effective in this instance as well.

Digital artwork

Digital art has been created and enjoyed for quite some time now, but it truly took off during the last few years. The sudden popularity of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and consequent celebrity endorsements resulted in an explosion of digital art, a booming industry that is only expected to grow in the near future. When selling digital art, you can either create tradable collections or unique single pieces. Either way, the key to success is brand awareness and exposure, which can be achieved through NFT communities, metaverse events, and collaborations with different artists, for example.

Neon signs

Even something as simple as neon signs can suddenly become a popular product with hundreds of thousands of online searches and hashtags each month. Although they are now made in a more modern and eco-friendly way, neon signs still need to be striking, unique, and versatile, working well for homes, offices, bars, restaurants, weddings, and other events. When it comes to marketing neon signs, social media can be a great opportunity as well. Start by figuring out your target audience, such as bars and restaurants attempting to improve their social presence or younger consumers looking for cool and trendy decor. Then, post a combination of staged images and user-generated content of neon signs for the most impactful results. If you are looking for a place to buy your neon signs you should check out Neon Mama.

The products mentioned above are just some of the most popular trending items, but there are many more options you could choose from when selling products online. No matter what you select, marketing is the most important aspect to focus on, as it ensures long-term success.

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Keith Coppersmith is a business and marketing expert who has experienced both the rise and fall of many businesses. As a regular contributor at BizzmarkBlog, he enjoys writing and providing insight of the industry based on both practice and theory.

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