6 Ways To Protect Your Business in 2022


A new year brings new opportunities for your business endeavors. However, certain risks always come with running a business, no matter the size. As you go into 2022 and beyond, now is the time to take more effort toward protecting your business from any dangers that might occur. Risks include but are not limited to cyberattacks and property damage. No matter the situation, being prepared for the worst is always an ideal course of action. Check out these six ways you can better protect your business for the new year.

1. Protect Your Business From Malicious Software

Cybercrime is a huge danger for anybody who frequently works online. If your servers are not properly protected, they could become the victim of malicious software. Malware can take the form of a variety of different programs, including viruses, spyware, ransomware and more.

By fortifying your servers with multiple layers of protection, you can help reduce the likelihood of attacks as well as decrease the damage of any attacks that might break through your detection. For instance, you can find software that facilitates ransomware containment, which tightens up your cybersecurity and blocks suspicious activity from breaching your defenses.

The more protection against security breaches you can add, the better your chances will be at reducing unauthorized access to your data.

2. Get Business Insurance

A number of problems can arise when running a business and operating a building. Whether your building suffers property damage or your business becomes the target of a lawsuit, you should have financial protection in case of any potential problems. Getting business insurance is necessary to help your business regarding unexpected costs. Insurance covers a wide array of options. Various insurance plans are needed for business owners due to the numerous risks. Your business must be protected against risks, regardless of its industry. You may also want to consider director’s and officer’s liability insurance like those offered by Heffernan Walton Insurance Services. This coverage protects individuals from personal losses arising if they are sued as a result of serving as a director or officer of an organization. Legal fees may also be covered by it as other costs that the organization may incur due to such a lawsuit. So, speak with an insurance agent to find which coverage best suits your business.

3. Avoid Scammers

Scams have become more prevalent now than ever before. Always look for the signs of a potential scam and do your best to avoid falling into any of the common traps. A typical scam call or e-mail has the sender masquerading as a known company and requesting payment or information. Always look into where these messages come from and use your best judgment before responding, clicking any links or downloading any files. Be sure to inform all of your employees of the signs of a scam and how to avoid it.

4. Use a VPN

A virtual private network is a reliable form of network security. It disguises your server and your internet identity, preventing any unauthorized parties from spying on your online activity.

Equipping your business’s servers with a VPN can better protect your company’s private data from being observed.

5. Use Stronger Passwords and Change Them Often

Passwords are among the most important barriers between a user and the private information stored on a computer. The strength of your password is essential to keeping it from being breached by an unauthorized party. Make sure that you and all of your employees have strong passwords and that you change your passwords every few months.

A strong password typically consists of a minimum of ten characters that includes lowercase and capital letters. A password should also use numbers and special characters such as punctuation marks. Do not use words that could easily be associated with you, such as personal information. Also, make sure to not reuse your password across other accounts.

6. Backup Your Files

No matter how protected your computer is, sometimes you can lose your data. When dealing with information for your business, be sure to frequently make copies of your files anytime you make significant additions or changes. With data backups, you may be able to recover from any setback and get your business back on track.

As you reach out to more exciting possibilities with your business endeavors, always stay protected. You never know what could happen, which is why adding better protective measures to your business can help your endeavors going forward.

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