How to Start a New Career in Real Estate


If you’re looking to switch careers and have considered real estate as your new career path, you might wonder how to get started. Here are some suggestions.

Choosing a brokerage to work for

If you’re already licensed in your chosen state and are registered with the National Association of Realtors, this will prepare you for working in real estate. Choosing a brokerage to work for will help you find clients and offer valuable resources in starting and building your career. You may already have heard of Compass and be asking, is Compass Real Estate a good company to work for?

The answer depends on what you are looking for. As a new real estate agent, you should research brokerages and choose whichever fits your needs and expectations. This may be Compass, or it may be someone else.

The right training

If you’ve never worked in real estate before, training is essential. If the brokerage you work for offers this, it can be invaluable. Although getting licensed involves a lot of coursework, it helps to learn as much as possible, to prepare yourself for working with your first clients and the potential problems or obstacles you might face. Some of these courses may be covered by the brokerage you work for, and other courses may be costly. However, if you’re serious about working in real estate, this is an investment in your chosen career.

The right skills and personality

Your skills and personality can benefit your new career. Not everyone is cut out to work in real estate, even with all the courses available. If you don’t feel comfortable working with different people, it may not be the right career for you. If you have people skills gained in another industry, this is a good start. It’s even better if your current role involves quick thinking, negotiating, and dealing with the unexpected.

You also need to be professional and positive. A sale could fall through and your clients may become stressed. If you can find a way to calm them down and stay positive, preferably by offering a solution, this can reassure them.

Look the part

When working with clients you need to look, as well as act, professional. So a smart suit or other appropriate workwear can help you look the part. If you feel confident, you are more likely to act confidently and inspire your clients to trust in your knowledge and experience.

This extends to any websites or work-related social media pages you have. If you choose to display a photo of yourself next to your bio, this should be a head and shoulders image, with a plain background. Make the website easy to navigate and keep it minimal, so people can find your relevant experience and credentials without distractions.

You may need to invest time and money into your new career in real estate, but this is no different from any other career change. There are lots of opportunities to make this money back, and earn a regular income in this industry.

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