How to Find Support After an Injury in the Workplace


Some accidents at the workplace are unavoidable, and it’s not your fault. Indeed, you might be entitled to a workers’ compensation if the company you work for has not put in place measures to protect you against potential accidents while at work and you are injured in any way.

The state law requires almost all employers to offer workers’ compensation insurance coverage to their employees. If you suffer from an injury at your workplace, here is helpful information to get you started.

File an Accident Report

If you are injured at the workplace, it is advisable to report the accident you encounter on the job immediately for you to be covered by the workers’ compensation laws because most states offer a short deadline for reporting an accident.

Even if you are not hurt during the accident, the report could make your employer introduce new safety guidelines that will deter an injury from happening to other employees in the future. Besides, filing an accident report instantly protects you if you develop complications later.

Consult a Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Before filing a claim, it is usually good to consult a professional law firm, like Anaheim law firm, with immense experience handling workers’ compensation claims. Working with an attorney helps you identify the potential benefits you might be eligible to get.

Consult a Medic

It would be best if you saw a medic immediately after you get an accident at work. Go to the emergency room as soon as possible if the injury warrants you to do so. For slight damage, you should inquire from your employer whether to see the company’s doctor or an external doctor.

Identify What’s Covered

In some instances, the workers’ compensation laws will not cover you. For instance, you won’t be covered if you were intoxicated or used an illegal drug prior to the accident. Also, if the accident happened due to a workplace fight or during your commute to work, the coverage will not help you.

If you are dissatisfied with the doctor chosen to you by the employer, it is wise to consider consulting a medic of your choosing. The workers’ compensation laws entitle you to a second opinion. The workers’ compensation will not cater for the expenses, but it might be the best option even if you pay the cost yourself. 

Prevent Future Accidents

It is sensible to make a workplace a safe working environment before accidents happen. Employers need to observe the set health and safety guidelines to ensure that all employees adhere to the safety protocols. They can do this by offering the proper training and necessitating staff to use protective equipment when needed.

If your employer disregards the crucial safety rules and requirements, you can become a whistle-blower and inform the appropriate team within the company. In some cases, it might need you to report to the authorities.

Make a Claim

Although this process can be intricate and lengthy, you could still go ahead and claim compensation for the damage if you think it’s the company’s fault. However, you should engage a solicitor that explicitly handles accidents at the workplace if you decide to follow this route.

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