The 5 best calendar apps of 2022


If there is one good thing that came out of the pandemic crisis, it’s perhaps that we know remote working for office-based staff can be productive. We also saw how the many available tools and apps designed for office use are essential to effective working in most areas of commerce.

Tools that enable us to cut out time spent on mundane tasks are among those that are best in terms of improving ROI. We’re looking at five of the best calendar apps that are proving their worth, and each of these is not merely a simple calendar but offers far more.

If you run a small business or are a sole trader, there may be something of interest here for you, so let’s get started. 


At first glance, appears to be a simple appointment scheduling app, yet there is far more to this clever tool than you may believe. has an innovative cloud-based calendar that puts the onus on the client to make an appointment. They enter the calendar, pick the slot, and both parties get a notification.

But it doesn’t stop there, as this tool also features an integrated video conferencing feature, plus many other interesting and useful business functions that make it an ideal choice for businesses that involve one-to-one meetings such as accountants, legal services, personal trainers, and many more. 


If you want a tool that helps by keeping on schedule all of your projects at once, Monday may be the choice for you. Well-designed and easy to use, Monday features a clever dashboard that displays the status of each project in real-time and that can be updated by the users. Bypassing a project on to another once a milestone has been achieved, Monday acts as a constant updater of the current state of play. 

Furthermore, Monday incorporates a feature whereby Zoom calls – whether solo or group – can be opened at any point on any dashboard, making it not just a calendar and tracking app, as well as a workflow planner, but also essential as a communications app. It’s worth a look with a 14-day free trial.


Smartsheet is primarily a productivity tool that also offers access to a range of functions that will help streamline your business operation to a high standard. Designed to keep track of progress on various projects at the same time, Smartsheet is a popular choice with growing businesses as it can be scaled as needed. A powerful and useful tool, the many functions offered are accessed by modern and neatly designed dashboards. 

Smartsheet comes with advanced task tracking features and includes functions for real-time access to ongoing projects. It can be customized to provide reports on progress and is surprisingly easy to get used to and use. Mainly for improving ROI, Smartsheet comes with a 30-day free trial offer and is a great option for businesses that are experiencing rapid growth.


Providing a range of calendar features plus much more is Asana, a productivity tool with many satisfied users and a high ranking in terms of ease of use. This is a tool that offers advanced automation features – a great way of taking those mundane tasks off the table and saving time – as well as keeping track of how projects are progressing in real-time.

Asana, like, majors in the area of sharing progress, updating and producing reports, and general communications functions, and is another that is scalable as the business progresses. Recommended for all types of businesses that are seeking time-saving tools, this one is also available for a 30-day free trial. 


Highly regarded for its collaboration tools, Wrike allows for teams that may be working remotely to keep on top of projects and ongoing jobs easily and efficiently. Given that home and remote working is set to remain in place for many businesses, having proved to be successful during the recent pandemic, this sort of tool is vital for persons running a business from home or who have a team working apart.

Wike offers automated and advanced workflows that are easy for everyone to see so they can keep track of progress. It has been designed with smaller, growing businesses in mind and can be scaled as growth continues. Highly rated by many satisfied users, it comes with a 14-day free trial. 


The above are five of the very best in calendar and productivity apps and tools on the market right now, and each offers a full menu of features and functions that will be useful to all businesses and especially smaller growing outfits.

We hope that we have helped you understand why these tools are becoming more popular and given you some inspiration that should help you see how you can use a calendar app to enjoy a smoother business operation. 

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